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Another Before and After Shot

Published November 12th, 2012

Before and After Again - Someone's Front Door

While participating in the Scott Kelby World Wide Photo Walk on October 13, 2012, I took a shot as did one of my walk mates, Tanya Barinskaya, of almost the exact same spot.

It is fair to say it was a pretty dull photo taken on a dull day. It is also fair to say that Tanya and I had processed the shot quite differently. For me I always see a shot in three ways, 1) Original 3) Black & White and 3) How I want to really see it.

Thanks to many years of actually processing my own photos in the darkroom and using mostly Black and White, it is fun and often I take a photo in color and already know the outcome. I do have the capability of shooting in monochrome, but just enjoy Nik Silver Efx Pro 2 so much I don’t bother.

Well, any way here is a before and after shot. I used Adobe Light Room 4, Nik Color Efx Pro 4, Photoshop CS6 and the final sizing was done in Capture NX2.

Primary work was done in LR4 with NIk, I ran it through Photoshop but in reality did nothing there, it was a quick inspection incase I had some unwanted “junk” to remove but liked the “junk” the way it was. An unnecessary step, but well, the whole post processing workflow is rather quick, especially when you know where you are going. Even with this odd flow it was only a 10 minute job, if not that. The important part is I got to make what I wanted of what I saw or of what I wanted to see. Simple eh?

I used the Nikon D800 that day, not because of the insane amount of megapixels but for the dynamic range it has over my D300s. That was really a driving factor, at least for me. Sure I could have got a D7000 and be happy, but really, the idea of moving “back” to full frame was there anyway. So yeah I can use my DX lenses on the D800 and it will auto crop. There is of course a big hoop-te-doo about that but I have to look at it this way: Most of us aren’t made out of money, and if we started in DX and got the best glass we could we were fine. But if the FF bug got us then we had some searching to do … Get the FX Glass NOW or get the Camera NOW, I chose my camera first and the glass will follow up soon enough and in the mean time we can still shoot. So I can shoot at 16mpx if I choose to and still benefit from the advanced processing the D800 offers. Lucky for me I have a few FX lenses already! A 50mm and 300mm Nikkor and a 100mmTokina. It is, a long road and expensive too…but hey that’s our hobby!!! ☺ So… here ya go!

Hey is anyone reading this stuff?



Dull day, dull routine colors



A dark place for dark things.

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Sundra Tanakoh  over 5 years ago

Yep, I did jack up the blues and killed the white, but I got what I wanted.