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Inspiration In The Gutter

Published October 7th, 2012

My inspiration has been in the gutter this year - starting a new day job and moving into a new place has cut into my camera time severely. A rather blah art walk showing also dinged my will ... another one coming this week though, so hopefully things will swing the other way! Sorry for the flood of pics a few days back, went back and revisited a bunch of older pics to see if I could liven them up a bit.

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Back From Paradise

Published January 10th, 2012

I'm in the San Juan airport waiting for my flight home. Just spent 10 days in Puerto Rico and had a really great time. I highly recommend the beaches of Boqueron and the lushness of El Yunque National Forest. Lots of really great photo opportunities. Tons of pictures taken, of course. I never thought I'd fill up an 8 GB card even shooting RAW. I backed up my photos every day onto the netbook I bought just for that purpose. That way if something ever happens to the camera, I at least have a backup.

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Back to Reality

Published December 4th, 2011

My trip is almost at an end, as in 3 days I will be back in Seattle. I haven't been keeping up with everyone's submissions, which I apologize for. Aside from driving, I spent the last couple of days photographing Badlands National Park as well as a very brief stint at Devil's Tower that was cut short by a snow storm. The sunrise at Badlands didn't turn out that great, and I can see I really need to work on my low-light technique. Learning something new is always a good thing.

I don't go back to work until January, so I hope to catch up with everyone's great work soon.

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Published November 9th, 2011

I'm in Nashville for the next couple of weeks visiting family. I grew up here and it's nice to come back once in a while to visit. I plan on visiting downtown and getting some street shots in while I'm here. Time permitting I'll get a hike in and get some more fall foliage shots as well. Anyone know of any photo walks going on here?

On my time off I'm giving the Photoshop CS5.1 trial a spin, and I have to say I am impressed enough that throwing down that much $$$ doesn't seem as far-fetched as it used to. I have gotten by with GIMP so far and it's a good alternative for those that don't have the $$$ for PS. PS however blows GIMP away in terms of usability.

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On The Road

Published October 16th, 2011

On a road trip across the US, won't be on often but will try to keep up as I can. Definitely taking photos along the way and will post when I have time. In Laramie, Wyoming for tonight; Wyoming is beautiful country but the overcast sky didn't make for good photos today. We'll see what Nebraska has to offer tomorrow.

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