Walking on Butterflies

Published August 4th, 2011

There are times when we spend or lives walking with our heads in our own worlds.. Reading texts, not looking where we are going, missing some of the beautiful things that pass us by... A pretty face, a tiny detail in a carving on the side of a building, a butterfly..

My recent trip to Croatia was no different.. In 11 days I wanted to photograph as much of it as I could, so set out with a car and covered 1200km and took 1600 photos!

Looking for the falls in the Krka national park, I took a wrong turn and ended up at a monestary.. Not being a big one for secluded prayer I was about to turn round and back track, when I spotted a small forgotten trail leading off round a large mashy lake. I decided to follow the trail, maybe I could find an opening near the water that would allow me to get a photo.

Well after about an hour of walking, in the blazing sun, all there was was dense forest on either side.. too thick to get through.. I eventually came to a clearer bit and was about to push ...

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