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Sylvain Janneton

Sylvain Janneton





Published September 17th, 2012

"Verdict" est une série de documentaires produits et réalisés en France depuis 2005. Chaque numéro, d'une durée de 52 minutes, traite d'une affaire en cour d'assises, et place le spectateur en juré. Pour cela, il expose à parts égales les faits, la défense, les parties civiles et l'accusation, sans reconstitution ni voyeurisme, pour donner dans les dernières minutes le verdict final, et laisser le spectateur se faire son propre jugement sur l'affaire.

À l'occasion d'un des tournages, j'ai pu rejoindre l'équipe pendant un procès au Tribunal de grande instance de Lyon, en avril 2012.

"Verdict" est actuellement diffusé sur France 5, tous les samedis à 16h55 du 15 septembre au 17 novembre, et visible en rattrapage sur les sites de France 5 et

Compléments d'informations sur

"Verdict" is a TV documentary series about justice, produced in France and broadcasted on TV channel France 5 since 2005. Each 52' episode deals with a particular trial and give the ...

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Back to Saint Petersburg !

Published May 31st, 2011

But this time it's for work, and it's supposed to be a little quicker than my last year's trip (you know, when there was this volcanic ash cloud all over Europe...). Just 4 days in the beginning of June, while I won't really be able to do as many pictures as I would like to.

And I hope I'll have the opportunity to see again at least of of these three wonderful statues of питер !

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O-hanami | お花見

Published March 23rd, 2011

At last spring has come.

Here in Paris it was more obvious than usual since satursday was grey and a bit cold and sunday was sunny and warmer.

Good or bad weather, spring coming makes me feel like exploring parks and gardens and take a look at the blossoming. As Japanese people say : 花見, hanami, enjoying the beauty of flowers and nature coming at its best again.

I remembered my fantastic trip in Japan two years ago, thinking about my friends out there being not so cheering than usual in March because of the earthquake & consequences.

And so I went to the Albert Kahn Japanese Garden, near Paris, where cherry trees are at their best these days.

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My Mamiya

Published February 25th, 2011

A few weeks ago, I wanted to buy some kinda old camera, in order to try to do analog photography again.

I spent time on a well-known auction site, and had the opportunity to buy a Mamiya, the MSX 1000.

Then I bought two films, one b&w and one colours.

First attempt with the b&w film. Everything's OK. Well engaged in the camera ; almost no stains on the lens.

Second attempt with the colour one. Well, I was a bit silly and didn't understood the film wasn't engaged properly. So no result.

For the b&w pictures, here are some examples. Frames are done with Phososhop of course, but there is no other picture correction, everything is "raw".

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Canon 85mm 1.8

Published February 14th, 2011

Last december I got a new lens for my birthday. It's the Canon 85mm 1.8.

On some evening before christmas, snow gave me a chance to try this lens in my parents' neighbourhood, the one where I grew up.

En décembre dernier, on m'a offert un nouvel objectif pour mon anniversaire. Il s'agit du Canon 85mm 1.8.

Un soir avant noël, la neige fut l'occasion de tester ce nouvel objectif dans le quartier de mes parents, celui de mon enfance.

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