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Tal Flint

Tal Flint



Throughout my career I've worked as a photographer,make up artist, a 3D animation artist and a professor. I see photography as subjective capture of a moment and a place in time. Every photo, from the choice of subject, equipment, lighting, and through to the post-development treatment it receives, expresses my feeling and mood in the particular moment. All this aims to evoke an emotional reaction from the viewers, and to create a mental dialogue between me and them. My photographs span the distance between two extremes – the minimalist and very stark, versus the very detailed and “grimy”. Most of my work shows moments in people’s lives - whether it’s the human subjects I photograph, or the environments they occupy. The equipment I use regularly includes digital reflex cameras, image editing software, and recently my iPhone, which I use for snapping quick shots as I walk around the city. I specialize in Portrait, Landscape, Advertising, and Art photography
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