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Jeff Tamagini

Jeff Tamagini

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The first question you are probably asking yourself is what is Urban Lifestyle Photography. It is sort of a term that I made up for myself. When you google urban lifestyle photography, what really comes up are wedding photographers that maybe live in a city. To me that is not at all what urban lifestyle photography is about. In fact I believe it could be further from the truth. To me urban lifestyle photography is all about urban life. Plain and simple. I photograph urban life as it happens on a day to day basis. It can be street photography, which is my main concentration within my defined genre of urban lifestyle photography. However it can be so much more. On location fashion, beauty, portrait work, sports. If it has an urban setting about it then in by my definition it falls within the setting of everyday urban life, therefore urban lifestyle photography. Living in a city, working in a city, playing in a city, these combination of things make up urban life. Something as simple as leaving your apartment to head to the corner coffee shop for a cappuccino, walking down the street to grab a beer with friends while sitting outside on a restaurants patio, or taking the subway every morning at 6am to head to work, this is everyday life to city dwellers. I am one of those very city dwellers and it is my mission as a photographer to document urban life where ever it is happening, in what ever city I happen to be in anywhere in the world. Think about it, anywhere in the world, I have taken the limitations off a "niche" within photography, the world is my canvas and with my camera I will paint some amazing pictures!!
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