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Tammy Hineline

Tammy Hineline



I am currently an active duty U.S. Marine stationed at Combat Camera in Washington, D.C., as a videographer. My primary duties are focused around creating productions for Headquarters Marine Corps and include work such as pre-production, shooting, conducting interviews, lighting design, editing, narration, sound design, motion design, and other post-production. I have worked on notable projects for many people including the Commandant of the Marine Corps and Cpl. Kyle Carpenter, Medal of Honor recipient. I once stood in line for two hours just to eat corn dogs for lunch. I have seven years of photojournalism and videography experience throughout my Marine Corps career and have worked in several different countries across two deployments including Djibouti, Jordan, Kuwait, Italy, Guam, and Afghanistan. My past video work includes historical documentation over a vast array of military exercises and operations, ceremonies, interviews, tactical site exploitation, training videos, and news packages. I spend my free time pursuing my own photographic interests which include portraiture, weddings, and photojournalism projects focused on humanitarian or environmental issues. In my other free time I am a member of the DC Filmmakers group working on scripted short films. In my other other free time I am attending Park University classes towards my Bachelor’s degree in Business/Marketing. In my other other other free time I like to swing dance, kayak, camp, attend roller derby bouts, and dream about building a tiny house. I am interested in connecting with anyone regardless of industry or experience. I like to be the person that takes a mission, gets it done, and has an excellent time doing it with a team of equally excellent people.

FOB Delaram

Published April 17th, 2013

On this day I saw my first real casualty. I could feel my stomach tighten right before I entered the medical tent and I thought, "Can I do this? What if I faint? When it comes down to it, is this something I can handle? Can I really photograph this?"

Then something takes over. There's a disconnect. A feeling that the camera between me and this secondary human being provides some sort of barrier. Protection against someone's emotional and physical pain, protection against bullets or bombs.

Like a fly on the wall, does he even know I'm there? I feel invisible, invincible, as if I could look at any sort of approaching danger and say, "No no, I'm just the photographer."

I'm sure that thousands of photographers before me have felt the same.

Some people get hurt, some people lose their lives. At the end of the day I went home to my bed and stuffed my face full of Raisinets. Not everyone gets to be lucky enough to do that.

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IED Detection Dogs

Published April 10th, 2013

Has it already been almost a month since arriving? We lost Valentine’s Day completely to a plane ride – just skipped right over it to a place so cold we had to melt our frozen bottles of water underneath the lights in our tent.

Regrettably, some of my own camera equipment didn’t make the trip. The cable for my new PocketWizard Plus III’s disappeared into thin air, and my remote flash triggers definitely didn’t work upon arrival.

Amazon to the rescue! Thankfully things get here quickly, and I was able to use my new PocketWizards on this shoot that I had sought out.

Part of our job here is what is requested of us, and the rest of that job consists of the extra time and effort you put into finding things to shoot. Networking with people you meet in the chow hall becomes second nature, and I hand out my military business card like it was candy.

Which is exactly where I met my point of contact for the IED Detection Dogs. A simple, “So what do you do?” turned into an excellent opportunit ...

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Candice + Jacob

Published April 22nd, 2012

I’m a big advocate of photography sessions for couples. Not just having photographs when you get married, or get engaged, but a constant documentation of your life together. You don’t need to have a special occasion to celebrate the love you share with another person and share it through images. It’s a big part of what I love to do as a photographer: express love every day.

Even though Candice and Jacob were already married when I got the pleasure of photographing them, you can’t say they don’t love each immensely just because it’s a normal day. Those normal days are the best days, the days that are always going to be there. It’s up to you to make those normal days something to celebrate.

Whenever I turned my back, or gave them a second to themselves, these two were goofing off and making each other laugh. I like to think they felt that there was no one there except themselves, just having fun together on the beach. But don’t take Candice lightly! As the captain of a roller derby tea ...

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Lights, Flames, and Love

Published March 8th, 2012

When she had the idea to use Christmas lights, I knew we could come up with something romantic. With their wedding scheduled for December 22nd, the lights were a perfect addition to their session and I was excited to do the shoot from the moment she contacted me. The weather that day worried me, as it had started raining about 45 minutes before we were scheduled to shoot. Fortunately they arrived as early as I did. I sat in our truck looking at their truck and asking my husband over and over, “Is that them? Do you think that’s them?!”

So we got an early start when the rain had finally settled down to a drizzle, and then to nothing. A fire on the beach and some beautiful lights made for quite a show for the camera. Here’s to 12-22-12!

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