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Kato’s warm welcome.

Published January 21st, 2013

Kato the cockatiel flew over the rainbow bridge in a flash of creamy yellow feathers. Kato was determined to make a grand entrance. He landed gracefully and cocked his head to the side listening intently. He thought to himself “If I am in heaven then why are the angels crying?” All of a sudden he was knocked ass over teakettle by a chubby young sun conure who was laughing hysterically. He squawked in shock and disbelief at the situation he found himself in. He was trying to right himself which was not easy with this cherub hanging all over him. Finally, Kato sized up and said “Hey now whippersnapper! What is your name chick? And what is so gall darned funny!” You see Kato had a great sense of humor and he thought to teach this chick some respect he better appear stern. The young chick was looking at him wide eyed and she said with a curtsy “My name is Juliet Poulin-Stolz and I am pleased to meet you sir” At this Kato grinned and said “I am Kato Bird from California. I have just arrived here only to find myself tackled and ruffled by an upstart. You never answered my other question….Well what is so funny then?” Juliet was already barely containing herself watching over his shoulder with glee “OH It’s my big sister Romeo. She is a great hunter and she likes to nip at the angels toes. She is the best raptor in the universe!” she said pointing over his shoulder. Kato turned to look only to see a bright green torpedo headed straight for him. This was not Kato’s first rodeo he had been around for a while and knew exactly what was going on. Right before the torpedo reached its target Kato calmly turned his back on it. That is when he heard the most beautifully seductive voice he had ever heard say “Hey Juliet. Is this bird bothering you?” Juliet quickly replied “Aww sis no one messes with me. I’m tough see I almost got all my grown up feathers now. But really I flew into this poor bird and knocked him over. He really is a nice guy sis.” Kato all the while had his back to this succubus. Romeo said “Well he looks pretty nice from that back!” and smacked Kato bird right on his tail feathers. Kato had never been so flustered but he was not about to let her know it. In all his regal glory Kato turned with his crown standing tall and curved gracefully to the heavens and his tail feathers at a sharp point. He stood quite a bit taller than this emerald colored beauty in front of him. Suddenly he ducked down low with his crown smooth and his wings formed a perfect heart so beautiful the angels started to rejoice again. He gently swayed back and forth. Romeo was shocked and completely gave it away when her beak hung open in disbelief. In a deep voice Kato said “So you green cheeks can turn on a dime but can you dive and glide?” Romeo was stammering and Juliet was now laughing hysterically again. Kato said "let’s see if you chicks can keep up with ME!” just then Kato snapped his wings out, standing tall up on his toes. He started flapping them and creating enough wind that Romeo covered her face squinting. She smiled genuinely and said “I guess we’ll have to see grandpa! “ With that they all three took flight together looking for angels toes for Romeo to bite and Kato to kiss. Julieta laughing all the while.

Written for all the mommy’s and daddy’s left behind. Know that our birds are truly free now. No cages, no clipping, just flying free.

Tamra Poulin-Stolz


Romeo hanging around.

My girl Romeo acting like a monkey.



My baby girl Juliet, posing for me.

  • February 10th, 2012
  • Canon PowerShot SD550
  • 23.1mm / f/4.9 / 1/60 sec

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