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Time To Expand

Published October 27th, 2011

So this semester in school has been a huge learning experience for me. For too long I have taken my education and resource for granted. This year I decided to really buckle down and expand my knowledge of both design and photography. Now that I am in my senior year I realize how important a good portfolio is so I'm trying much harder to make something that I am proud of. I managed to have a directed study that focuses on the blending of photography and graphic design. I can't express how much I love that course. Having that course along side of my digital photo II course has really pushed me to create great images. I find myself spending the time needed for each assignment now rather than simply having something that just gives me a passing grade. So now that I am pushing myself harder to create better work, I decided to get into the blogging scene in an attempt to share my thoughts as well as my work. I want to get my work out there and have it seen by others. I want to hear the opini ...

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