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How I finally switched to Nikon after 10 years ...

Published May 29th, 2013

Last year about this time (it was early June) I took a trip to the West coast, thinking of exploring the coast from Seattle all the way down to Los Angeles. It's not uncommon to me, as I happened to travel to the West Coast a few times in prior years, visiting Yosemite, Death Valley and other majestic places to practice my landscape photography.

As it happened, I was shooting Canon back then. I've been a Canon user since 2001, when I first bought my Canon Elan 7 film camera with an eye control, which was just amazing. Since then, I have gone through a number of bodies and amassed a nice collection of L lenses.

I have now switched to Nikon, trading my cameras and lenses for Nikon D800 and a few lenses. It's not cheap, and switching the whole system is something you research quite extensively.

Anyway, on my trip, I took my old Canon 5D Mark II, bunch of lenses, filters and so on. But, packing last minute, also decided to check out BorrowLenses, and, in doing so, thought about testing ...

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On the Top of the NYC — Part II

Published April 2nd, 2012

First few days we were in the room in and out, so I only grabbed a few photos from the window, which were pretty breathtaking anyway, but on the last day, right after breakfast, while waiting for an elevator to take me down, I decided to venture around the floor a bit. And stumbled on an open roof access. Bingo!

I’m not a roof topper by any chance, but I get the thrill of it. It is genuinely exciting! One thing to remember, though, is that I was born in Moscow, Russia, and I, as all ex-USSR kids are, used to be in thousands of forbidden places — and really scary places even for an adult to venture in.

So I glanced around, came back, got down the elevator, and hid my excitement during a coffee chat with Oleg over daily business and routine. Once we got back from the cafe up to our room, I said — “Come on, get your iPhone out, I have something very special to show you”.

We got to the stairs and climbed up the roof. You can see everything around! The roofs or windows of other building ...

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On the Top of the NYC — Part I

Published April 2nd, 2012

New York is a huge city. You might feel it, when you are walking in the city among the skyscrapers, but you don't feel it, until you are on the top of the roof of the 44-story building. You cannot feel the vastness of the city, or the greatness of the human intellect, powered by the massive ideas and dreams of construction... You don't feel all this, until you are on the roof. Only to find out that 44th floor is, rather, not that high, when you are in New York.

We came to New York on March 29th, 2012 on a business trip, and lodged in a Double Tree by Hiton, located on 8 Stone Street in lower Manhattan. To be fair, lower Manhattan is one of three my favorite places in New York city — other being SoHo and Central Park, of course.

Luckily for us, we were able to quickly check-in, got warm and very tasty chocolate chip "The Cookie" (I usually hate those but this one made me want more!), and got the plastic cards within a nice paper wallet, saying 44. Well, we’ve got the room on the top ...

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The Art Project

Published March 9th, 2012

I love when some contemporary 'artists' impress the public with some obscure and unusual art installations. I always find them too grotesque to be even considered art. But, well, we live in a society that loves to be engaged, loves to be impressed. And that's where the contemporary forms come from. So, consider this to be my own 'The Art Project' with all the lavish titles and consequences that go with that. Yeah, I'm gonna accept all the awards you are about to throw at me in awe.

PS: What's even cooler is that you can hover over every photo and purchase it as a canvas print or as HD download. It's art, for art sakes!

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Taking Pictures in Mexico

Published February 26th, 2012

A month back our 500px team went to Mexico for a short vacation before the launch of the new 500px. We knew we wouldn't get much sleep before the launch and after it, so it was a great getaway to get out, get some tan and shoot some photos for fun. It's not the whole story yet, and I have yet to unpack my gigabytes of photos to upload here, but I hope you'll enjoy a small scoop into the atmosphere of Mexico :)

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On the Top of the World

Published February 22nd, 2012

There are places you will never believe exist. No computers, Internet, daily routine, traffic jams. It’s wide and breathtaking. It’s actually so big, that it might take you years to travel it all. I’m talking about mountains.

I don’t know if many had been there, or if whether many companies have been there, and I bet it’s not a very large number.

Some people, like Anton Jankovoy are the explorers in a classic sense. They find thrill in going places, and then — going beyond. They show that human is not a merely traffic-jam-sitting-sapiens, but rather a crown of evolution.

Anton is not a usual person in one more sense. He is stunningly good photographer, bringing amazing and unbelievable photos from his travels.

Not to mention, he’s so good that Apple (yes, that Apple) reached out to him and bought one of the images for the next OS release. Could that be Mountain Lion? We’ll find out this summer!

And it’s a real please that Anton loves 500px so much, that he brought a flag with h ...

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Most hip place in town

Published February 17th, 2012

It's called Aunties and Uncles. Bathrust / College. Very hip, you can only pay by cash, have to wait in line, and food wait times are way too long. But it's delicious. And fun.

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Toronto International Autoshow 2012

Published February 16th, 2012

Today was the press day at Toronto International Autoshow 2012. Press days are always fun! It's a lot more quiet, you can touch and open and sit in all the cars, some of which, during the regular days, will be closed. And there's food. This time it was sponsored by our tax dollars, so it was a bit bitter. But not bad, anyways.

Cars. Yes. Toronto autoshow is becoming a very boring one — no more world premieres (or even country premieres). It's just a great place to check all the cars and save on driving from dealership to dealership.

So what's worthy of your attention?

I really liked Mercedes-Benz ML350, Audi A4, Dodge Ram.

The first one, cause it's big. It fits up to 7 people, and since I'm now on a lookout for a bigger car to replace Mazda 3 — mostly for corporate travel to Costco and just driving with a crowd. It is also very comfy and beautiful — both in and out. Mercedes really knows how to make luxury sink in into you.

The second one I liked because I like Audi's. But A4's b ...

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Life at 500px HQ

Published February 11th, 2012

We love taking shots around 500px HQ. while we cannot tell what we are working on, there are plenty of details to love and care about the office.

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Bits of birthday party!

Published February 4th, 2012

Oleg has turned 30. Yay!

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Published January 12th, 2012

We are excited to announce that has been working on integration with 500px and now all accounts support 500px. is the great way to establish a beautiful web-presence online — it's like a summary of you on the Internet that you can easily share with other people.

Now, with 500px, offers even better service for photographers. With several options to display your 500px photos you can customize it right for you. is offered in a premium flavor as well, and it brings you unlimited services, more themes, custom domain and more. To celebrate, is giving away $1000 worth of prizes to our members. To get your premium account for a year, simply enter your username in the comments below and enable your 500px account on it. First 50 people will be upgraded to premium by the team.

PS: We'll be giving away 10 annual awesome accounts as well. See blog for details! :)

500px has worked with ...

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Toronto to Miami

Published January 3rd, 2012

So I decided to take the plunge and actually travel all the way from cold and freezing Toronto to a warm and sunny Miami. Almost 6000km of roads, highways and city-driving I'm safely back home (actually, at work).

But I've brought some instagram shots to show what it's been like these days. Take a look!

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ima hipsta!

Published December 12th, 2011

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The evening in the city

Published December 12th, 2011

Well, Toronto is always looking good when the blue hour comes down. Blue hour — best part of the day, as for me. It's when it's getting darker, and the sky turns blue and the city starts to glow.

A beautiful downtown, while doesn't have the same power as New York, still possesses a charm of a growing city.

All shots are in the neighborhood of our new 500px HQ.

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This Season, Give a Gift

Published December 9th, 2011

We intentionally kept it to ourselves, but since the gift season is here, we wanted to share a news with you that might help you make a perfect gift to a great photographer that you definitely know. Head over to a secret Gift page for a surprise.

Here, you can purchase a gift for yourself, a photographer of your choice or just get in early (and receive a gift code you can gift anytime). It's that simple. Just $50 for 1 year of Awesomeness.

Wondering if Awesome is right for you? Well, it allows you to create your personal unlimited web-site, with 18 elegant themes, unlimited uploads and collections, advanced SEO customization options, Google Analytics, and custom domain (yes, you can hook it up with your dormant .com domain).

If you have received a Gift of Awesome yourself, head over to and click "Redeem your gift account" to get your awesomeness. If you don't have an account yet, don't worry — you'll be able to create it during the process.

Enjoy the season ...

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Around and about 500px HQ

Published December 9th, 2011

We recently moved to a new HQ, right downtown at Adelaide St. West and Peter St. That's club district. That's where the parties are (and sometimes on Friday it feels like streets turn into zoo...).

But, we finally moved. In my walks around the HQ, I managed to grab some shots via Instagram, which I love. So that's what neighborhood looks like.

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Native iPhone Portfolios

Published December 8th, 2011

If you had looked at your 500px portfolio via iPhone lately, you might have noticed a fresh new look to it. We have completely redesigned our portfolios for mobile, so now you can enjoy native and fluid experience on your iPhone or other mobile device.

500px Portfolios are now fully optimized for iPhone, Android and other mobile devices. Now every portfolio sports a clean look that adapts to your theme, and reacts well to touch gestures.

If you chose a light-grey or white theme as your portfolio, your visitors on mobile devices will see a white theme, and if you are into classic black, your portfolio on mobile will adapt to that too.

Viewers can now view all collections right away, and tapping a collection brings a familiar interface, where users can flick through the photos, or even enable the slideshow.

You can also access biography and contact pages and quickly overview all the available information.

This update is available to all users, and if you can fully control the exp ...

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Published November 23rd, 2011

Лучшая девушка на земле :)

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New fullscreen portfolio theme: Filled

Published November 22nd, 2011

This holiday season is almost upon us, so we thought it would be a great idea to introduce a new theme, the one that many have been wishing for — elegant fullscreen theme called Filled, available for our awesome members.

This theme looks great on iPhone and iPad, and you can swipe through photos on your mobile device. It also totally rocks on any computer, as it is built with Javascript and HTML5, so it's fast and accessible from anywhere.

If you thought of upgrading to Awesome, now is the perfect time — we accept Visa and Mastercard, so paying for Awesome is even easier. And with even more features available to awesome members it is super-easy to setup your personal photo portfolio that looks great. If you haven't tried it yet, try it for free here:

Update: If your photos has been uploaded in high resolution, Filled will show them at higher resolution that the standard size at If you uploaded lower resolution images, they will be scaled and may no ...

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500px Chats with Amanda Large

Published August 18th, 2011

While Jen is away in Montreal (rooftopping, I presume), I will fill her role for a bit and update you with some great new interviews that we have got in our pipeline (Jen has prepared them, so my role is just to post them for your viewing pleasure). Without further delays, please welcome Amanda Large:

Ottawa-based photographer Amanda Large is originally from Toronto, and while revisiting our fair city a few days ago, she stopped by 500px headquarters for a short chat. We asked her how she got into photography, what she had in her day bag, and what trends she's noticed among females in the photography industry. I also forgot to mention her website (oops, thanks Andrey), but you'll find a link after the photos below.

odd by amanda large

step by amanda large

For more of Amanda's photography, check out her 500px page and her website.

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Affection Downgrade

Published August 17th, 2011

TORONTO — We have just received a notification that one well-known credit rating agency has downgraded Affection ratings of our users overnight. The downgrade took place late last night, causing a drop in the Affection index across the site. While announcing the downgrade, the well-known affection rating agency has issued a press-release, saying that underlying affection market is strong, and that the affection index will be rising with time, easing worries of affection-investors.

What really happened? We have adjusted our systems, which included affection rating, which used to track all photos, including deleted one's. That has been causing affection inflation and some confusion, so we have made the change to track affection (affection is the difference between positive and negative votes) only on photos that you currently have (not counting deleted photos).

It's easy to regain lost affection points — simply upload your new awesome and fresh photos and get more votes. We want to tr ...

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How Rating Works (And Why There's A Lot More To...

Published July 20th, 2011

We had many requests and questions about rating, ranging from “Do someone specifically targets my photos?” to “Why do I have a sudden drop of rating?” to “How does rating works?” to “Why don’t you remove the dislike button?”.

I tried to cover some of those issues in my blog post, but it’s definitely time for a more elaborate answer. So, let’s take a deep breath and dive into details...

It's All About Exposure

Despite a lot smaller size, both members that are new to photography and heavyweights, like Thomas Hawk, Marina Cano, Gorazd Golob, Scott Kelby and hundreds of others enjoyed an interesting phenomenon.

Despite smaller size, both famous and new photographers get a lot more exposure. You can see it daily at the Popular — fresh photo quickly gets thousands of views, dozens of comments and likes. It’s all deeply tied with the rating system.

The rating system itself is fairly easy — you can “Like” the photo or “Dislike”. We often check the stats, and over 95% of the votes are lik ...

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Icons for Social Media

Published July 12th, 2011

Thank you for all the feedback we are getting!

Not so long ago I was approached on twitter (follow me @tchebotarev), being asked about social media icons. Do we have those? We didn’t.

So I created one. But obviously, that’s not nearly enough. That’s why today I’d like to introduce few more icons.

First set was inspired by SocialShift icons, a great set by Manuel López. The other part of my set was inspired by Elegantthemes, a great set, designed by Nick.

Click on the image to download PSD with icons

Second set is influenced (and based on) by Social Media Mini Icon Pack, where one photo site icon (yes, that was Flickr) was replaced with 500px icon. Download PSD here.

Click on the image to download PSD with icons

If you want to start creating and using 500px in your social media icons, feel free to start by downloading vector shapes for 500px logo and infinite shape for use. You can use it any way you want.

Click on the image to download PSD with 500px logo shape

If you hav ...

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Lightbox, Keyboard, and Navigation

Published July 4th, 2011

The last week has been pretty busy, as usual, for us here at 500px. Apart from exploring Google+ (yes, we’ve got invites), we’ve got some interesting updates.

First of all, your photos are now safe from copying across the site — in community, portfolio, blog. You can’t drag or save the photo.

As always, we’d like to remind that it’s just a visibility of security, as there is not technology on earth that can save your photos from copying. Not us, not Flickr, SmugMug, PhotoShelter or anyone else. It’s not possible. So, this security measures only makes it a little harder to copy the photo. Currently, it’s on by default for everyone, and we’ll make a switch to turn if off for those who like openness.

We’ve also added a lightbox, available for all photos. Just click on the photo.

We like to add features without cluttering the interface with hundreds of buttons and switches. So, some features will be hidden, until you find them. For example, navigation. Or navigation from the keyboard ...

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How 500px Rating Works & What Can We Learn Abou...

Published July 3rd, 2011

500px is about 500 times less than Flickr in terms of registered users and approximately serves 20-50 times less traffic. 500px is also smaller than DeviantArt, Behance, and many other photo-sharing and portfolio-creating sites. In fact, we are the smallest site of all the big players we’ve been ever compared to. Then why do comparison of 500px with the big guys? It’s all in the rating system.

It's All About Exposure

Despite a lot smaller size, both members that are new to photography and heavyweights, like Thomas Hawk, Marina Cano, Gorazd Golob, Scott Kelby and hundreds of others enjoyed an interesting phenomenon.

Despite smaller size, both famous and new photographers get a lot more exposure. You can see it daily at the Popular — fresh photo quickly gets thousands of views, dozens of comments and likes. It’s all deeply tied with the rating system.

The rating system itself is fairly easy — you can “Like” the photo or “Dislike”. We often check the stats, and over 95% of the votes ...

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This Week in Features

Published June 26th, 2011

Well, fortunately for our users and unfortunately for us, we still don’t get to have normal weekends. A weekend is a day when you can come an hour or two later to work and leave an hour or two earlier.

We have made some changes on Saturday night, that caused a little outage for the site (about 1-2 minutes), but overall change have made whole site more responsive. So, since last 2 weeks and for the foreseeable future we’ll be focusing a lot on speed, responsiveness and uptime. Our ultimate goal is to have at least 99,9% uptime during a single year.

This week we also introduced some changes to the site.

First of all, we’ve got our iPad, so we put it down to work and debugged the site to work a lot better with iPad. Currently, it is UI & UX fixes for now, but a lot more improvements will be coming.

We also introduced ‘Right Click Protection’. Once again, unofortunately, nothing in this world can protect your photos from being taken, because that’s how the technology works. And even ...

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Yes, you can!

Published June 22nd, 2011

So, with popularity growing, and with fresh people coming onto the site (thank you, guys and ladies!), we have some questions appearing over and over again. Of course, we are always in the works to improve user interface and experience on the site, but let's run a small list of things that you can do on the site already:

Can I change my username? Yes, you can

Can I delete my account? Yes, you can (careful, there's no undo)

Can I enable the store to sell prints? Yes, you can

Can I edit thumbnails? Yes, you can (on a photo page, click edit)

Have more questions about 500px? Let us know here :-)

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The answer is Yes!

Published June 22nd, 2011

Is iPhone app coming?

Is iPad app coming?

Are you developing Lightroom plugin?

Do you have Aperture plugin in works?

Are you planning Android app?

Are you going to do Flickr importer?

Are you going to release API?

Do you have geo-location in the works?

Are you developing forums/groups?

Will you have thumbnail previews on Twitter?

The answer is Yes!

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The Last 4 Weeks

Published June 21st, 2011

We’ve had so much on our agenda in the last few weeks that we totally abandoned our blog. No good!

So, first a run down for some cool numbers: we flew past 3,000,000 visits and 25,000,000 pageviews. That’s no small deal. However, combined with 60% month-to-month growth this is expected.

Just yesterday we had our highest traffic yet — over 144K visits and over 1 million page views. You can imagine our excitement!

On the feature list, we are working hard on several things: better administration panel to more effectively fight spammers. As we get more popular, spammers try to sneak their ads and other irrelevant content. We are ready to fight with them vigorously!

Some nice touches have been made to the Uploader — now, if you try to close or click another link, you’ll have a message box warning you of unsaved content. No more accidentally lost uploads!

We had introduced an uber-cool navigation a week ago, but had to quickly pull it down, because it quickly (as in 30 minutes) bec ...

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The Amazing Race

Published May 22nd, 2011

Well, it's been exactly 3 months since we have reached our previous milestone of 1,000,000 visits, and yesterday we have reached and confirmed another great milestone — 2,000,000 visits, and over 15 million pageviews.

To put that into perspective, we have doubled our numbers in less than 100 days.

We have also received some great feedback California photographers, who signed up in numbers. Thank you guys (and ladies), you are amazing!

What's next? It's hard to predict, since, according to our predict-o-meter, we were supposed to hit 15 million pageviews in October 2011. So, no predictions for the nearest future, but we are looking for some great new features that we have planned to unveil over the summer.

Enjoy your day, and enjoy great photos.

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The Last Three Days

Published May 5th, 2011

It's time for some stats. We are delighted to inform that the last three days have seen the most traffic ever, propelling our ranking far above our regular numbers.

Since the server upgrades, which increased our capacity and processing power twofold and made site more responsive, we had some traffic gains, getting 73,700 visits on May 2, 74,000 on May 3 and a record 76,200 visits on May 4. May the 4th be with you, as some say.

By the way, on May 4 alone we served 550,000 pages, our another record!

On the day with highest traffic our site reach a rank of 3-thousand range. Which means, we were ranked in the top 4000 sites on the internet, a huge gain on our site!

We are looking forward to having 1,800,000 visits in the next 30 days, and continuing our growth together with our users :-)

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Better Help & Support

Published April 27th, 2011

For the past several months we have been getting a lot more emails that we can handle, even considering our unusual shifts of 11am to 3am or 8am to 9pm. Yep, we have been working pretty hard lately, handling growth, squashing bugs, and dreaming about the future.

And so our long-held policy of answering all emails within 24 hours had crashed under load. We love emails (and you can always send those to, but the sheer quantity if overwhelming.

And so here's our first step to the better support and help — the new Help page (Link: or see link in footer menu). It features automated Get Satisfaction system, which allows you to submit problems, ideas and praise (we love those!). All questions and problems are tracked, allowing to gather a complete list of all problems, bugs and requests for our community, so it will get better with time.

And every problem or question you made will be emailed to us, and we — and our fellow users too — can answer those. ...

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Unveiling New Themes & More

Published April 11th, 2011

For the past weeks we have been working hard to bring you some fresh features that we had been developing in special secret laboratories in the frozen north. Since we launched them, I can now speak what they are. Here we go.

We have introduced 4 new portfolio designs. All of them have, as usual, been adapted for iPhone and iPad, making presentation an easy and effortless task. All 4 themes are for premium members only, so get your Awesome account today — it’s cheap! (read below about cool features you'll get)

Moreover, you can now upload your custom logo for every portfolio. It’s fun and easy. See what can come out from it in this examples: and Comment or tweet us if your portfolio has a cool logo, we will add it here.

We have also upgraded all designs with faster core, so they will load faster and they have been tested with all modern browsers on both Windows and Mac. If you want especially quick performance, select mobile-optimized portfolio theme ...

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A “Not” Company

Published March 20th, 2011

"Here's to the crazy ones..." — that's how famous Steve Jobs quote starts. There have been many successes in the latest Web 2.0 renaissance, but mostly, it has been powered by three external powers: The Silicon Valley, The Money and The Fortune. I write that with capital letters, because it all plays a huge role in how those successes came to be.

But what about the power of “Not”? What I mean by that is the companies, that have embraced the “Not” to fuel their success. Here is our story of “Not”: Not in the Silicon Valley, Not funded, Not an overnight success. It all made a difference.

Not in the Silicon Valley

Not in the Silicon Valley. We started 500px back in 2003, when it was just a very special type of photo community, full year before even Flickr was started. It grew slowly and steadily, and so it required own web-site, which was built and went live in 2005. In 2009, we have envisioned a new path, and so we completely re-designed and re-engineered the site. It went live on Hall ...

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White Nothingness

Published February 22nd, 2011

О том как мы попали в снегопад на озере Тахо и были вынуждены просто напросто оттуда бежать — можно писать рассказы.

Там выпало полтора метра снега. Это блин что-то. Этот снег падает и падает, и падает и падает. Он не прекращается и минут за 10 его налетает столько, что уже снова приходится всё чистить.

Мы ехали по хайвеям, которые закрывали прямо перед нами, заставив разворачиваться и менять маршрут по пути. В итоге ночевали в Рино, город-двойник Лас-Вегаса.

Дороги замело, и уехать до Йосемити стало можно только рано утром на следующий день. Всё равно сыпал снег, но так как трафика было немного, хайвей ещё закрыть не успели. В итоге, мы добрались до национального парка, но по дороге успели увидеть «белое ничто», которое было повсюду.

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Road, road, and a little more road

Published February 16th, 2011

Закончив с Долиной Смерти, мы отправились в сторону Mono Lake — озера, где мы только что сняли закат и где нам ещё только предстоит снять рассвет...

По пути нам попадались самые обычные американские городки — такие, которые проезжаются за 2-3 минуты. Городки довольно плоские, и вся жизнь находится только на одной центральной улице.

Там можно найти бары, мотели, и пару магазинов. Они все довольно просты и однообразны. Это как раз та одноэтажная Америка, о которой писали Ильф и Петров.

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Life and Death at the Death Valley

Published February 15th, 2011

Только сегодня уехали из Долины Смерти, и поэтому появился интернет и возможность написать о том, что мы видели. В Долине Смерти для февраля тепло — до +26. Летом тут до +50, и многие первопроходцы, пересекавшие Долину в 19 веке погибли, дав тем самым название Долине.

В Долине расположены самые разные «монументы» природы, которые представляют собой рай для фотографа и интерес для обычных туристов, которые приезжают сюда круглый год, чтобы посмотреть на Америку.

Долине есть чем удивить — здесь и пески, сформировавшиеся в дюны, и камни, ездящие сами по себе, и соляные озера, и каньоны, и интересные формирования гор...

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What Happens in Vegas...

Published February 12th, 2011

Немного Вегаса. Вегас надо снимать отдельно. Во-первых, не везде можно фотографировать (особенно со штатива), поэтому надо быть аккуратным где и что снимать. А во-вторых, толпы людей и обилия света и звука дезориентирует — не знаешь куда смотреть. Но поснимать есть что, поэтому в Вегас надо обязательно вернуться.

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Road to Vegas

Published February 12th, 2011

По дороге мы заехали в город Barstow, где наткнулись на музей локомотивов. Вообще, посмотреть на старинные (то есть двадцатого века) поезда очень интересно — можно заглянуть в них, подойти поближе, чтобы ощутить всю мощь их двигателя в много-много тысяч лошадиных сил...

И конечно если всему этому способствует хороший свет, и приятные тени — а вокруг достаточно тепло, чтобы ходить в майке, то такая маленькая остановка очень идёт на пользу эндофринам, продолжающих образовываться с повышенной частотой. В общем, это здорово.

Сегодня на закат мы прибудем на первую точку нашего путешествия — в Долину Смерти.

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Travelling Without Moving

Published February 11th, 2011

На второй день, 10 числа, мы посмотрели основные достопримечательности города. Хотя и сам город просто гигантских размеров, и перемещение в нём напоминает о огромных паутинах, мы успели побывать у Walt Disney Concert Hall, съездить на Hollywood Blvd, там, где вручают премию Оскар. Я приложил руку к отпечатку Стивена Спилберга — не только потому, что он хороший режиссёр и продюсер, но и потому что я снимался в его новом сериале — Falling Skies.

После побывали на Rodeo Dr., главная, как мне показалась, улица Лос Анжелеса — на ней самые дорогие магазины, и люди хотят, всем видом показывая, как им хорошо (впрочем, это и правда хорошо :)

Отметились и на Griffith Observatory, увидев весь Лос Анжелес сверху — жаль, что не смогли дождаться заката, который бы осветил знак Hollywood, и уехали на пирс в Santa Monica. В Лос-Анжелесе к вечеру пятницы, как и положено, довольно плотный трафик, поэтому ехать на запад означает не только ехать в плотном потоке, но и означает слепнуть от ярко-жёлтого з ...

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Los Angeles through the «i» of the iPhone

Published February 10th, 2011

Тяжело начинать фотопутешествие с шедевральных, обработанных фото. Но лучше его начать раньше, чем позже. Поэтому сначала — первая порция фотографий из Лос-Анжелеса.

Прилетели, взяли машину, поехали фотографировать ночные виды (Mulholland Drive и Walt Disney Concert Hall). В отель попали в 2 ночи, и проснулись уже в 6, чтобы успеть снять немного рассвета. Сейчас уже полдень, и мы снова выезжаем — вероятно, не задержимся надолго в ЛА, а поедем на север, к Долине Смерти.

PS: Все фотографии сняты на iPhone с помощью Hipstamatic.

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Your Personal Photo Store

Published February 9th, 2011

Sell you photographs worldwide with ease

Now you can sell your photos with ease. We have integrated a system from our friends at Fotomoto for automatic photo store management. Now every user have an opportunity to sell their photos via 500px with no upfront costs.

How to get started?

It’s easy to get started. Simply follow the link (it’s not in the menu yet, but will appear in settings soon, as we continue our testing efforts) and activate the store, clicking on the button to your right.

By enabling the store, you should remember that your account should contain only your photos that you have full rights to distribute and sell. You also should have all proper model releases, if you have photos of people, etc. You are fully responsible for selling photos from your account.

After you have activated your store, you will get an email from Fotomoto, which you will need to create an account with them. It’s easy and it will help you set your own prices, c ...

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Published February 7th, 2011

Люблю когда приходит почта. Давно меня не было дома — 3 недели — и когда я вернулся, пошёл к своему почтовому ящику, чтобы достать оттуда почти килограм почты. Большинство, конечно, не почта, а рекламные сообщения, буклеты и реклама пиццерий, но за ними затаились и настоящие буквы, настоящие слова...

Так редко приходят настоящие, рукописные, слова, что рождается неподдельный интерес читать их медленно, по строчкам. То останавливаться, отходить, и снова подходить, чтобы читать из заново, наискосок, с конца в начало, и задом наперёд — всё только для того, чтобы отсрочить тот момент, когда письмо будет прочитано...

Люблю письма, и ровные, аккуратные строчки, дарящие наслаждение своим вниманием и ощущением реальности.

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Цвет Нью-Мексико

Published December 20th, 2010

За что можно полюбить Нью-Мексико, помимо совершенно неземных (для человека севера) пейзажей и совершенно иной устроенности жизни, к которой, правда, быстро привыкаешь, так это за совершенно нереальные фиолетовые оттенки.

Такие цвета, пусть и немного улучшенные с помощью процессинга и моего воображения, там всё же имеют место быть. В основном, конечно, на рассвете, но и на закате, если погодные условия благоприятны.

В пустыне же холодно — ночью ветер пронзает несмотря на куртки и кофты, а днём всё это приходится снимать. Несмотря на январь и даже снег на земле, солнце припекает основательно.

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A child of Cuba

Published December 8th, 2010

Я не писал и почти не показывал детей с Кубы. Исправляюсь с помощью двух фотографий очень милой девочки. Дети — они везде дети, вне зависимости от того, где они родились, какой национальности. Главное, чтобы их будущее было целостным и радостным. А остальное разве может быть важным?

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Интервью с Игорем Шпиленком

Published December 6th, 2010

Недавно мы смогли поговорить c Игорем Шпилёнком, одним из самых знаменитых и талантливых российских фотографов анималистов. Игорь живёт в Кроноцком заповеднике на Камчатке и снимает животных в таких условиях, что, по слухам, компания Nikon давала ему тестировать новую, неанонсированную камеру... Впрочем, читайте интервью и узнайте, как Игорь отбивался от медведей своим тяжелым Nikon-ом!

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Published November 26th, 2010

Совсем потерялся небольшой репортаж о событие, которое проходило 28 августа в Торонто. А именно в этот день на улицах города проходил Buskerfest, фестиваль уличной культуры. Только не такой «уличной», как проводят в странах бывшего СССР, а настоящей культуры — это и жонглёры, и поедатели огня, и прочие опасные профессии. Это очень особая культура, где получаешь деньги не за то, что читаешь громко рэп не улицах, а за то, что даришь восхищение, радость и изумление публике. В общем, настоящие артисты.

Многие приехали с других континентов — кто с Австралии, кто из Европы. Для многих участие в таких шоу — это профессиональное, потому что они не только зарабатывают этим на жизнь, но и поддерживают эту умирающую (как мне кажется) культуру, потому что интернет, котэ и прочие радости уже давно выместили пожирителей огня из списка своих развлечений.

На те представления, на которые удалось попасть, были огромные очереди — все собирались в круг ещё за полчаса до начала, так что лучше было сидеть ...

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The Launch of Awesomeness & A Story on How to B...

Published November 14th, 2010

Just 2 days ago we have launched our new account, called "Awesome". It is a premium account which costs only $5 per month, but gives you a truly unlimited access to the world of creativity.

Here's why we did it.

We are a small company that has a wish to provide an outstanding service at unbeatable prices. That's why we have given what we, as photographers, would value ourselves — great looking portfolios for a price of just one venti latte. We want to create a sustainable company and looking to do that by empowering our users to be awesome.

What do you get in "awesome" flavor?

A lot. First of, we capped our basic accounts at 20 photo uploads per week, and our awesome members get unlimited uploads. Everyone can upload their best photos, not worrying about size or how many megabytes it weighs.

Second, you get portfolios. It is our newest and very cool feature that allows to create great looking portfolios in seconds. If you are awesome — you get access to growing pool of elegant l ...

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When nothing really matters

Published November 4th, 2010

There are times in a year, when weather changes to cold, and you feel like you've been locked from the inside and from the outside. You cannot stay inside, because it's unbearable, but have nowhere to go, so outside is never an feasible option.

There are parks. And there are roads in parks, which can take you somewhere. It's never about the end, it's always about the movement. Movement somewhere. Just go. Don't stop, and try not to think — just walk if you can walk, and stop when you can't.

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A Guest from Space

Published November 4th, 2010

Few weeks back, a guest arrived. A special guest, a guest from space. Everything was new for her, so we illustrate those intimate moments of the first experience of extraterrestrial species with Earth.

The arrival was a total surprise. We were at the field at the time, having a small lunch-over-wine on the sideroad. That's what we tend to do when the weather treats us with a lovely day. The arrival was unexpected — boom, and here she was, lying down on the grass just a few hundred meters from us. Of course, we finished the wine and rushed to see the matter. Here she was. Beautiful. All in silver. There was no doubt where she came from — from up there. From space.

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The Amazing Way to Showcase your Photos

Published November 1st, 2010

The Story

We started the new just over a year go, on the eve of Halloween night. A year has passed, and we have changed few designs, added tons of features, and changed the way you showcase your photos. Now, when we are celebrating the achievement of a major milestone — 500,000 unique visitors per month (and more than 20,000 amazing users), we would like to introduce the new way to present your photos.

Present Time

Fast forward today, and on the anniversary we have launched the Portfolios. Portfolios are the best way to show your photos. This is our major product, and we are proud of what we have accomplished.

Portfolios are be available free, but all the best bits are coming with our premium accounts, appropriately called "Awesome". You'll love it.

First what you'll experience is gorgeous designs. Check out, for example, my portfolio:

But there's more: First of all, we support custom domains. Meaning that you'll be able to map your domain name, e.g., to you ...

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Updated Feedburner

Published October 27th, 2010

We are fans of Feedburner. First of all, it saves our traffic & precious server cycles. Second, it allows us instantly to see the results of our efforts to promote our RSS (and they've been great). But we always felt that Feedburner was a "child left behind" in Google. The interface hasn't been updated in a while, and service felt forgotten.

Apparently, folks at Google felt the same way, and just recently they introduced new Feedburner, completed with real-time stats and all-you-can-eat data information. Fantastic update!

So now we have much more detailed information on our feeds. And by the way, we have over 10,000 subscribers, including to this blog. Thanks to everyone who has tuned in to listen to our updates. Soon we'll have a major announcement with regards to our portfolio services. Stay tuned! :)

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Introducing Portfolios: Perfect way to showcase...

Published October 20th, 2010

You might wonder what's been keeping us busy in the recent weeks. That's a good question, and we got an exciting answer for you — Portfolios. During the last week we introduced a beta-version of Portfolios — a new way to showcase your photos on 500px.

While you can create an account on 500px, follow photographers and upload your photos (which are voted and showed using magic formulas), now you can create an awesome portfolio with photo collections. There's not a thing to distract your viewers from photographs. Clean, simple, and it works perfectly on an iPhone or iPad.

Of course, there's more to come soon, including awesome layouts, customizations and features. For now, check out portfolios of our team for a glimpse — Ian Sobolev & Oleg Gutsol.

PS: The links to portfolios have been deliberately hidden during beta. You can get to portfolio management by clicking this link:, or in Settings. Good luck!

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Become our sponsors, or we'll eat you!

Published October 18th, 2010

We are having tons of fun at 500px. First of all, we all have a place on a big leather couch that is our office during the evening hours of Sunday. Who else would work this schedule if not us?

Second, we get lots of cool photos, and we love to share one with you:

Called for a Photographer? by Dmitry Zherebtsov

It reminded us that we forgot to mention what we had on our mind long time ago. We want you as our sponsor. 500,000+ strong community with 2,700,000 pageviews. Can you really miss that opportunity to talk to your customers on a friendly and cozy site? Talk to us for unique options and engaging opportunities at

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Models vs. Photographers 7

Published October 15th, 2010

Полторы недели назад мы в 500px, под нажимом Евгения Сухаренко решили устроить очередную встречу фотографов — Models vs Photographers 7. Это непостоянное мероприятие, которое собирает от 40 до 70 человек — фотографов, парикмахеров, визажистов и, конечно, моделей. Конечно, доступность фотокамер привела к тому, что на 2 модели может приходиться до 40 фотографов, но тем не менее каждый сбор — это возможность пообщаться, обсудить технику, познакомиться и просто хорошо провести время. Многие из нас стали друзьями :)

Смотрите немного отчётных фотографий. А с самой встречи фотографы унесли не меньше десятка тысяч фотографий!

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500px Team. In dirt.

Published October 14th, 2010

Another update on our dirt biking tour. Thanks to Katia Trudeau we got couple of shots how we ended our trial path through the wilderness. The trial was awesome, and I'm looking forward to return there next year for an advanced ride on more powerful bikes (we rode the 230 cc kind)!

Friendly discussion and few more photos are on Facebook.

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Celebrating Autumn: 500px Goes Dirt Biking

Published October 10th, 2010

This weekend our small 500px team went dirt biking. It was a new experience for all of us, so we bought a 'groupon' few months in advance (it was half-price, so how could we miss?), and when the deadline was approaching, booked a date and went to Peterborough, Ontario, 1 hour east of Toronto.

First, some facts about dirt biking that we didn't know, and were surprised to find out:

1. For most trip, biker is riding standing up. Somewhat like on a subway during rush hour.

2. Front brakes are a NO-NO. They lock the wheel way too quick (street bikers know that front brake gives 75% of breaking power, so it is relied on often. Not so in dirt biking).

3. On a dirt bike you can just ride atop a wood log 20-40 cm diameter without even noticing.

4. Dirt bike is light and feels very responsive.

The trip in the woods lasted 1.5 hours, with about 30-40 minutes practice run with tips and tricks before that. It was massive amount of fun, and we tried to make it to every pool of water that was on t ...

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The Afterword on The Social Network

Published October 5th, 2010

Some of you might have seen "The Social Network". Exciting movie, especially when Terminal screen pops right at you — what a thrill!

Well, tonight we too will have a reason to celebrate. Tonight we'll hit a new milestone — more than 400,000 unique visitors in the trailing month. The day is not over yet, so exact numbers are not available, but we already passed this mark.

I never thought it would happen to soon. And it's actually a little frightening — too much growth and too quick. What we need is same love, same energy and more of those great people that create and visit the site daily. Thank you everyone for making this happen! 500px loves you and we are officially happy. Cheers to you, friends!

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How to properly grow corn

Published September 30th, 2010

A small photo set from our trip to the eastern United States, where we travelled as far as to the ocean. We encountered impressive corn fields and corn farms that sell corn. You can have all the fun you can there, because nobody is around is everything is open for explorations! Good times!

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Pumpkins in Color

Published September 30th, 2010

Несколько недель назад, в самом начале сентября, мы отправились в небольшое путешествие, догонять Дмитрия Шатрова — мы планировали ехать снимать воздушные шары в штате Нью-Йорк.

Приехали на точку, но вокруг бушевал ураган, оттого я получил смс от Шатрова, что он "уехал в Колорадо". Поверить в это было трудно, так как это 2500 километров (позже оказалось, что он до туда доехал, и весь путь занял чуть больше суток).

Поэтому мы тоже поменяли планы и поехали к океану. А на обратном пути, уже возвращаясь домой в Торонто, решили остановиться у одной из ферм, которых по пути в штатах Нью-Йорк и Пенсильвания было несчётное количество, и поснимать тыквы. Ведь я очень люблю тыквы — и как их можно не любить за такой цвет, размер и форму. А уж пирожки из тыквы получаются такие, что можно ненароком и пальцы откусить. Такие вкусные!

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We are looking for an amazing sales magician

Published September 27th, 2010

So, it's this time of the year again. Well, mark this occasion as first ever for us, but it's the autumn and upcoming winter that makes everything in nature get prepared for the frozen state. Well, I better stop dreaming and get back to the topic.

We are looking for an experienced salesperson, who can perform magic for us and reach the stars delicious corporate bodies. We need great, young, communicative, open-minded and extraordinary talented person with ties to corporations. Among basic tasks are things like selling ad space and photo contests, all the way to persuading & implementing very elaborate marketing strategies :-)

As a bootstrap, you'll enjoy of freedom of not having to go to office, beer & wine parties (after work) and being able to make as much as you deserve, not what your boss decides to give you. If you are interested — you'll know how to find us.

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September statistics

Published September 25th, 2010

Well, now you just know that I'm a big fan of statistics. This month I'll be talking about them too, but — I promise — I'll also talk about our hot air balloon trip (which ended in the Atlantic ocean), and about our Cuba trip with exclusive photos from Cohiba cigar factory.

But back to statistics. September was our best-ever month — trailing month stats now stand at 385,000 unique visitors and 2,450,000 views. Wow! We still do not tap into our marketing budgets and focused our efforts on making our site faster, better and more reliable.

What we expect next? We want 1,000,000 unique visitors in 1 year time. Plus, we are planning to introduce some cool features, and we hope to add value for our photographers by making their digital life a bit better. Talk to you soon!

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Lies, Damn Lies & Statistics: Stats for July ar...

Published August 2nd, 2010

"Lies, Damn Lies & Statistics"— I'm sure you've heard that sayin'. Alas, we are here not to lie, but to be as transparent as possible. Actually, that's one of our goals — to be as open as a company can ever be, and to fuel the change in a business environment by being as transparent as perfectly Windex'ed window.

Last time we covered stats for January, half a year have passed by, and here are the numbers for July. We've changed the design, added more features, and recorded a steady growth since then.

To summarize, we had close to 280,000 unique visitors, over 2,000,000 pageviews and pretty good results for 'pages per visit' and 'average time on site'.

In our trailing month statistics we already pushed beyond 280,000 visitors. Ah, a note to remember: that doesn't include stats for our magazine (we track it separately), or for other projects, like LiveJournal community or Beruphoto.

We are growing with a marketing budget still set at $0, and we pride ourselves in being able to cope ...

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How we burnt our RSS with Feedburner

Published July 22nd, 2010

Our traffic has been growing at an accelerated pace, and we are constantly thinking of new methods to improve the response rate. One of the 'process hogs' we had were our RSS feeds — we had a total of over 1,000 subscribers (according to Google Reader) but our server requests revealed that the number is somewhere closer to 5,000-10,000 subscribers Apparently there are no reliable methods for measuring RSS feed numbers.

We have used Feedburner previously for our related project Beruphoto, so we decided to do the same, and switched our common feeds to be served via Feedburner.

What you may not know about Feedburner is that you can actually set up your own domain via their service called MyBrand. It allowed us to keep the domain name for serving RSS (for example, our blog is served via,) which makes it convenient and secure to switch to.

After the switch from RSS to Feedburner is complete we'll be able to reduce our server load by tens of thousands requests p ...

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The Magic of StumbleUpon

Published July 21st, 2010

Many of photographers are aware of the power of the social media. Some gems that worked very well for photographers are StumbleUpon and Ffffound. While the latter one is closed to new members, and remain elusive as to how it works, the former is a great example of crowd power.

StumbleUpon has served well to some 500px photographers, who were not shy of using it. And why be, when it brings you thousands of viewers, hundreds of followers and a few new clients?

We knew this and have conveniently placed a StumbleUpon widget below every photo. Use it — submit your photos to SU (with proper titles, descriptions and category for easy discovery, of course), and watch it making wonders. Some of our photographers had more than 50,000 views for a single photo all due to StumbleUpon. Don't underestimate the power of a crowd, you can influence it and use it to your advantage.

Have a different view? Discuss it with me in comments.

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Introducing Skype support

Published July 20th, 2010

What's the difference between great salespersons and average salespersons? Great salespersons listen. Well, I think in the age of World 2.0 we can not only listen, but talk as well. So we created a special skype account for your questions, problems or comments about 500px. Just add pixels_support to your contact list, and message or call if you have a problem.

Since there are real people (me) on the other side, we cannot guarantee 100% availability, and I'm sure you will understand that. However, we'll try to maintain this account active to help you with whatever questions you might have about 500px.

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How ratings work

Published July 19th, 2010

Welcome newcomers! We found that some are curious about our rating system, so, since parts of our Help section are still not translated, I'd like to give you a quick overview of our system.

First of all, 500px is about your portfolio, so if you don't want to socialize, follow people, see their awesome new works, chat with them, or discover new photos — that's okay. Then you should simply ignore the number on the right side of your photo, and keep on building your portfolio.

For others, rating gives ability to showcase their photos in — and beyond — the community. We needed some sort of an order, and to rank photos in our Upcoming or Popular pages, so we went to the world, and returned with the most sophisticated rating system.

Ratings. Well, your "score" depends on freshness of your photo, and number of votes. Fresh photos get a higher score, and it's easier for a them to reach Popular (you need around 8-9 positive votes). Once it goes from Fresh to Upcoming (those are fresh photo ...

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Amazing Bike Race

Published July 14th, 2010

Few weeks ago I was walking in downtown Toronto when I saw bikers going in crazy circles at the Esplanade. From looking at it I guessed that it was a professional race — bikers had advertisement on them, pace car (or lap car?) was cruising comfortably in front of them, and police motorcycle was going behind.

But suddenly something went awry wrong — there was a shout, a scream, and then I saw one of the bikers going for the fence at full speed just after a sharp corner. A moments later — boom — he reached his target. More shouts were in the air, and I heard the metal clinging to the metall, and like in a slo-mo movie I saw bikers collide, creating a huge mess of bikes and bodies. Few moments later, about a dozen of bikes were on the ground, bodies, some walking, some scattered on the ground with blood on them. It's was a mess.

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Updated Terms of Use

Published July 14th, 2010

It's been a while since we last wrote to this blog, but since we have changed a design (it will be a separate post), and added hundreds of new small features (they are small, because we don't want to distract photographers from main feature — building a great portfolio).

In the meantime, we have updated our terms of use (, adding to prohibitive user conduct two points: creating accounts for sole purpose of voting against someone photos or for someone's specific photos; and restriction of uploading any copyrighted content that doesn't belong to the user with exception of blogs.

This should affect no 'normal' users and that only targets accounts created for ill-purposes. Well, as least that settles our ability to disable or delete such accounts without notice. We just eager to create the most friendly and most active community, and that means that someone may just not fit in there. No hard feelings, right?

Oh, and for regular folks without expensive lawyer education, w ...

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G20 Protests in Toronto

Published June 27th, 2010

G20, a long awaited summit, which by some accident landed in Toronto (who knew!), is finally in a full swing. And with power comes... protests. Before we start, the fun part is that barely anyone can name all G20 countries whose representatives are gathered in Toronto. And barely anyone in Canada knows what issues are being discussed and what the talks are about. But just about everyone knows about the riots...

© Photo by David G. Tran

Gathered in peace, police reported a few thousand (some put the numbers at 5,000-6,000 people) protesters that were moving along the city near College street. However, the story quickly evolved as Black Bloc ultra-violent protesters took it further and, armed with baseball bats, hammers, and flares, turned a protest into a full-fledged assault. Riots erupted in several places — King and Bay, where a police car was burned to the ground, Queen street and Spadina, and College street and University avenue.

© Photo by Chris Huggins

While the police report ...

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The future of the Social

Published April 21st, 2010

It is now very clear that the year 2010 is the year of the Social. The web becomes more and more interconnected and we see Social leaders, such as Facebook, Twitter and Google searching for the next best implementation of that. And it appears that the winning horse is now known — it's Facebook.

Facebook recently launched a global "Like" button, which will redefine web and the social. To start of, we'll be introducing this button too — as it makes very easy for people to share content with friends — even easier that those 1-click buttons we had before.

We expect that other players will add similar features — "auto-tweets" from Twitter and "auto-buzz" from Google Buzz to name a few.

What will that mean for the consumer? Simply put, better web. I believe that best photos will be picked, and more people will try to make better pictures, to be more liked. And the better the pictures are — the greater exposure you will get. In our case, getting a few "Likes" might mean thousands of impre ...

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Trip to New York

Published April 6th, 2010

A week and a half has passed since we have returned from our trip to New York, but you've yet to hear from us. So, now is the time to unveil everything, at once.

On March 16, 2010 we have left Toronto on a Megabus enroute to New York, where we arrived the following morning at 7 o’clock sharp. It was an early time to rise, especially if you didn't get enough sleep. Lesson learned: will not travel by bus to far destinations, especially in the beginning of a trip. It’s OK to return by bus — cause you get tired and your own bed awaits you. However, since we were unaware of the upcoming weather, we decided to play it safe and travel by bus instead of the car.

During the trip we were greeted by some amazing weather — from +18 in New York to as high as +26 in Washington, D.C., where some of us (that would be me) had to change into shorts and t-shirt. Yes, it was that warm.

We stayed for 2 days in New York’s lower Manhattan, exploring the city, including Wall Street, WTC, Brooklyn Bridge an ...

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Oh, for the love of Twitter!

Published March 9th, 2010

As you might know, we are fans of Twitter. We use it for games, for fun, to talk to friends and customers, and even to get business deals. Twitter is just like email, only shorter. Anyway, you know all that.

So, to make discovering great photos even more fun, we created a few twitters for your (and ours) pleasure. You can follow what interests you, and get latest tweets with fresh photos, editors choice, popular, or our channels. So, start following (and we'll follow you back), and never stop discovering.






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Gone digital

Published February 24th, 2010

It's been a while since we last have printed a real document. Our work is all digital. Even more, it's not digital per se, it's gone online, and I think we are not turning back.

Think about it: thousands of corporations and small businesses still work with real documents, they type, print, revise, print again, send the papers, and write the reports (and, rest assured, print them too). All for just one reason: keep the work going.

What we have done, happened by chance — we've gone online, instead of typing-printing-sharing process.

Of course, thousands of people use BaseCamp, and SVN/GIT — we use Redmine. But to serve our purposes, we share and type documents in Google Docs, or talk via Google Wave (it works pretty well when you want to expand a conversation to more parties). We even order our pizza online at Pizza Pizza and keep our favorite recipes on file!

The outcome is that we don't even use electronic documents on our computers — it's all online. Of course, such scope maybe qu ...

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Six years ago...

Published February 18th, 2010

Six years ago on this day we started 500px. At first, it was a community in Livejournal, where selected authors were allowed to post their photographs. This day, when the community — and name — "500px" was registered there were simply zero people. No one knew what it was or where will it take us.

Now, six years later, we still unsure where we will be in the next six years. What we do know, is that hard work and devoted community of supporters can get you further than you may even think of. We will continue working on making 500px a better place for photographers, viewers and for our devoted community — those people are the core of our successes and they help us by guiding our vision to a better future.

This year, however, will be more special than others — we are prepared to launch many new features on the site, offer photographers professional photo portfolios that can be managed without hassle, and help photographers excel by promoting and helping them sell their works and talent ...

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Winter Olympics

Published February 16th, 2010

This time of year everybody in Canada seem to start watching TV again. That is, Olympics are back — and this time they are more fun than before.

To start with, we've been keenly watching the opening ceremony, and frequently checking official web-site for medal count and game schedules.

There were sad days and days full of joy, and we are collecting and documenting photo-side of the spirit, pain and winnings in our channels: Editorial, Sports and a special Olympics channel.

The most amazing, probably — and as usual — will be the Hockey finals, which are still quite a few days away. Who is to win?

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Travel agenda for March: eastern states!

Published February 9th, 2010

After coming back from an exhilarating trip through New Mexico, Utah, Colorado and Arizona in January, we started thinking on another trip. And it looks like the skies are becoming clearer and clearer by the moment, and we have something to share.

We plan to take off on March 16 and get to New York on 17-th, where we will meet more wonderful people. From there the schedule will be simple — Boston, Washington, Philadelphia, and Smokey Mountains. All in one week.

If you would like to join us on a trip, drop a line at :)

Of course, we'll be documenting our progress, and be sure to check our blog and Channels for latest updates on our travel.

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On growth and results

Published February 1st, 2010

We have officially launched the web-site on October 31, 2009 with a «private beta», meaning that nothing was visible to the outsider. So far, we have managed through November, December and January.

This January brought some pretty amazing statistics for us: 189,484 unique visitors and almost 1.2 million pageviews. It's always good to put it into perspective, of course. Consider this: the first version of 500px, launched in early 2005 and lived through 2008, had a maximum reach of 35,000 unique visitors. The new site has reached a sixfold increase in traffic in just three months.

Even when compared to the last months traffic, the stats are still quite impressive - a 312% increase in unique visits.

So, where do we go from here? Our February's goal is to top 1,500,000 pageviews and increase unique visitors to 240,000.

Not bad for a marketing budget of $0!

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Land of Enchantment in the eye of beholder

Published January 31st, 2010

Just one week has passed since I've landed in Toronto's Pearson International Airport after enduring a 12 day trip to the States. Along with Oleg, we've been in a good company, traveling through New Mexico and bordering states, to find and get the best photos in a land of enchantment, which New Mexico holds true for 100%.

We have been posting photos on our New Mexico Channel. Check back soon for more stories on our trip!

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A blog that runs alongside the life

Published January 31st, 2010

Hi! Thanks to everyone who tuned in to our new blog.

This is my first post here, and it's a pleasure to start it by saying a big "Thanks" to everyone who worked and works with us in making this site better every day. I want to thank my co-workers — Oleg Gutsol, Alex Karasyov, Adam Shutsa. I'm also saying a sincere "Thank you" to our editors who bring the latest photographs to light — Vadim Costyrin, Vanja Vanechkin, Maria Netsounski, Nika Shatova. Other people have inspired and critiqued me over the course of our work, and I'm thankful to you for what you have done. Thank you Katia Trudeau, Artem Sapegin, Diana Tula.

This blog is about our works, lives and our experiences. I now find myself in a unique position to tell you what we have done, what we are planning to do, and how everything we done affects and changes my life as we move forward. This year there will be great changes in my life and I'm trilled to be able to document it here, in our official blog of 500px team. You are we ...

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