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Affection Downgrade

Published August 17th, 2011

TORONTO — We have just received a notification that one well-known credit rating agency has downgraded Affection ratings of our users overnight. The downgrade took place late last night, causing a drop in the Affection index across the site. While announcing the downgrade, the well-known affection rating agency has issued a press-release, saying that underlying affection market is strong, and that the affection index will be rising with time, easing worries of affection-investors.

What really happened? We have adjusted our systems, which included affection rating, which used to track all photos, including deleted one's. That has been causing affection inflation and some confusion, so we have made the change to track affection (affection is the difference between positive and negative votes) only on photos that you currently have (not counting deleted photos).

It's easy to regain lost affection points — simply upload your new awesome and fresh photos and get more votes. We want to track affection on your photos objectively and openly, and hope that you'll appreciate & accept the change.

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Awesome Account
Harry L  about 6 years ago

I'm new to this site but yesterday I realize most of my works downgraded:)

Pavel M  about 6 years ago

It actually worth not to have any savings of affections in times of falling ratings... I had nothing to lose! ;)

Donna Shreck  about 6 years ago

So how does this affect my 401 A(ffection) account! Am I destitute??? Lol, not a problem

Evgeny Tchebotarev  about 6 years ago

+ Bill Austin, yes we can. But that can totally ruin Affection economy in just few years :)

Eugene Brodsky  about 6 years ago

Jeff Golenski: I agree with you completely, there is nothing more conducive to artistic growth than constructive criticism. However, there are also users at the opposite end of the spectrum, who may be traumatized for life by anything but positive feedback, and have specifically mentioned that if they wanted critique, they'd go to Flickr. Go figure. >.>

Peter Shumakov (inactive)  about 6 years ago

так и думал :) вообще-то это только к лучшему

Bill Austin  about 6 years ago

Can we get affection default swaps ?

Enrique Rodas  about 6 years ago

Grandioso.. esperemos que sigan creciendo..

Rajat Gaur  about 6 years ago

Way to go!! Cool post and good measures taken to keep things fresh, fair and lively.

Morrie Portnoff  about 6 years ago

This lack of affection is the story of my life... sniff sniff :-(

Sinister Brain (inactive)  about 6 years ago

To bad my affection went down a week before the change took place. Receiving dislikes sucks, but at least it can be helpful (I just wish people would explain why they didn't like something if they are going through the effort to dislike it...) :-)

Jeff Golenski  about 6 years ago

Perhaps I've lost my mind, but I don't think I'm that far gone yet - but since I've joined and browsed through hundreds of photos, I'm seeing a trend (visible on almost all photos / manipulations) where people comment and leave between 1 - 3 word answers. I know it's by choice of the user how long their comments are, but I'd like to see a feature that encourages users to say a bit more / offer up critiques... I think doing this will drastically improve the quality of the community.

Take for instance DeviantArt (doesn't matter whether you think it's a quality community or not). Once a user clicks "Favorite," they've got this nice little jQuery function that pops up a box asking for the user to leave feedback. Perhaps it might be something to consider for this site when a user clicks fav or like.

Would also be nice for users to approve / deny comments they've received. So for instance if I were to receive 30 comments on a photo (not that I'm anywhere near that popular!), I guarantee that a good portion of them would say things like "great!" "nice!" "like!" - I'm not trying to sound like a have an ego or anything, but simple comments like that are redundant since there is a like button. This would also save a notification burden on early commentors, since they're automatically notified of everyone who comments after them.

Does all that make sense? Thanks for the consideration!

Wolfgang Zimmerman  about 6 years ago

I am craving for affection :(

Mark Kalan  about 6 years ago

proof that nobody loves ya.

Philip Rawson  about 6 years ago

Good to know I wasn't losing my mind. Thanks for the update!

Tommy C.  about 6 years ago

I knew there was a reason I was feeling so down lately.... I need some more love and affection :(

Tim Heyer (inactive)  about 6 years ago

Hilarious - and well explained!

Rob de Voogd  about 6 years ago

My affection went 50% down! *mumble, mumble*

Robert Paul  about 6 years ago

Nooo, I was going to cash in on my Affection and go live with the owls. :(