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Native iPhone Portfolios

Published December 8th, 2011

If you had looked at your 500px portfolio via iPhone lately, you might have noticed a fresh new look to it. We have completely redesigned our portfolios for mobile, so now you can enjoy native and fluid experience on your iPhone or other mobile device.

500px Portfolios are now fully optimized for iPhone, Android and other mobile devices. Now every portfolio sports a clean look that adapts to your theme, and reacts well to touch gestures.

If you chose a light-grey or white theme as your portfolio, your visitors on mobile devices will see a white theme, and if you are into classic black, your portfolio on mobile will adapt to that too.

Viewers can now view all collections right away, and tapping a collection brings a familiar interface, where users can flick through the photos, or even enable the slideshow.

You can also access biography and contact pages and quickly overview all the available information.

This update is available to all users, and if you can fully control the experience in Portfolio Settings by enabling or disabling mobile-optimized view (your visitors, of couse, can also view desktop version by clicking on a link at the bottom).

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Neville Black  over 6 years ago

Theres no iphone app? Git on that! I would love an easy upload from my iphone to my account.

Lee  over 6 years ago

I'd upgrade to awesome, but the 500PX logo at the top of the page absolutely kills it for me. Looks incredibly unprofessional.

Alexei Rebrov  over 6 years ago

good job! if you hide browser's the address the the photo can be stretched even larger... (?)

Vibrant Photographs  over 6 years ago

I was disappointed to see the big 500 at the top..... I checked the box to remove the 500px branding.... I don't mind the powered by stuff in the footer but a large banner at the top when I have removed the branding is pretty rude to be honest.

Diana Tula  over 6 years ago

These views are portfolio native only. To change back the view to the 'normal portfolio view' go to and turn off "Mobile Optimized".

David E. Martindale (inactive)  over 6 years ago

profile pic shows on bio page but no text at all on bio. only first two collections show on front page, doesn't load all the way to bottom of page. T-Mobile G2 (Android 2.3)

James Waddell  over 6 years ago

It doesn't seem to load properly on my Android HTC Wildfire. It doesn't scroll all the way down to the bottom of the page so I can only select a couple of collections. I'm not sure if it's related to the phone's rather meagre resolution.

Aaron Gayah  over 6 years ago

This is really, really nice. Now for the iPhone app...

Paul Wisenberg  over 6 years ago

This is great! Thanks for the update

Pontus Rudolfson  over 6 years ago

still waiting for the iPhone app though...!

Peter Crock  over 6 years ago

Nice! I've been waiting for this ever since you released the iPad app.