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The Magic of StumbleUpon

Published July 21st, 2010

Many of photographers are aware of the power of the social media. Some gems that worked very well for photographers are StumbleUpon and Ffffound. While the latter one is closed to new members, and remain elusive as to how it works, the former is a great example of crowd power.

StumbleUpon has served well to some 500px photographers, who were not shy of using it. And why be, when it brings you thousands of viewers, hundreds of followers and a few new clients?

We knew this and have conveniently placed a StumbleUpon widget below every photo. Use it — submit your photos to SU (with proper titles, descriptions and category for easy discovery, of course), and watch it making wonders. Some of our photographers had more than 50,000 views for a single photo all due to StumbleUpon. Don't underestimate the power of a crowd, you can influence it and use it to your advantage.

Have a different view? Discuss it with me in comments.

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williamjohnsmith (inactive)  over 6 years ago

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abc1234 (inactive)  over 6 years ago

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Hmm, I'm trying this and I'm only getting like 4-5 views on my photos from SU. Yet others get thousands... what am I doing wrong

Richard Lawrence  over 6 years ago

I too would like to know - how do I submit my photos to stumble?

Ryan Derish  over 6 years ago

Hmm, I'm trying this and I'm only getting like 4-5 views on my photos from SU. Yet others get thousands... what am I doing wrong?

Krzysztof  over 7 years ago

Stumble Upon is definitely an amazing resource and should be utilized as effectively as possible! Kudos!

Oleg Gutsol  over 7 years ago

привет :)

Artem Sapegin  over 7 years ago

И с понятным объяснением, что это такое и как работает :)

Evgeny Tchebotarev  over 7 years ago

На русском я в сообществе такое пишу :)

Vadim Costyrin  over 7 years ago

На русском напиши тоже самое будет польза.