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How we burnt our RSS with Feedburner

Published July 22nd, 2010

Our traffic has been growing at an accelerated pace, and we are constantly thinking of new methods to improve the response rate. One of the 'process hogs' we had were our RSS feeds — we had a total of over 1,000 subscribers (according to Google Reader) but our server requests revealed that the number is somewhere closer to 5,000-10,000 subscribers Apparently there are no reliable methods for measuring RSS feed numbers.

We have used Feedburner previously for our related project Beruphoto, so we decided to do the same, and switched our common feeds to be served via Feedburner.

What you may not know about Feedburner is that you can actually set up your own domain via their service called MyBrand. It allowed us to keep the domain name for serving RSS (for example, our blog is served via,) which makes it convenient and secure to switch to.

After the switch from RSS to Feedburner is complete we'll be able to reduce our server load by tens of thousands requests per day, allowing us to introduce new awesome features.

We love Feedburner and are very happy that it keeps on rolling, bringing value to our viewers and allowing us to offer same great service without worrying of clogging up our server.

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emma100 (inactive)  about 5 years ago
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johnmartin806 (inactive)  over 5 years ago
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500px Team
Evgeny Tchebotarev  over 6 years ago
Thank you :)
We keep on improving, but our growth has been more than we expected and planned for, so we had to catch up for a while :)
Oleg Gutsol  over 6 years ago
Thanks for staying with us and for understanding ;)
aha .  over 6 years ago
It's indeed remarkable how more responsive the whole site is right now ... after I signed up about two weeks ago , speed was a pain in the ass, not to mention all those error messages of melting servers :-) ... I deleted my photos and was about to leave, at the moment I'm happy that I didn't ... keep it coming guys, I like your concept ... Cheers Jürgen