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Terie Christmas

For me, the art of photography captures a single moment frozen in time that can evoke a memory, a feeling, or strong emotion if captured right.  Being a photographer with an artist's eye allows me create images that I hope will help you see the beauty and character in everything.
I don't consider myself a purist when it comes to photography because the artistic and creative side of me wants to produce more than just a photograph.  Of course there are times when I will take a more traditional approach, but my end goal is to take you on a photographic journey, seeing the special, sometimes under-appreciated things in this world.

The name, Wabi Sabi Photo Art, was conceived during a Creative Photography Class with a wonderful teacher, Catherine Anderson.  While she was teaching, she used the phrase wabi-sabi and explained the concept as "Looking through the eyes of wabi-sabi, we see the beauty and value of life’s imperfect parts and the hidden treasures they reveal."  Architect Tadao Ando describes the Japanese concept of wabi-sabi as seeing the underplayed and modest, the kind of quiet, undeclared beauty that waits patiently to be discovered. For me this describes my photography and artwork perfectly.

I hope you enjoy walking with me and seeing the beauty that I see  everywhere I go.  My hope is that somewhere along the journey through these images you will experience a connection or emotion that stirs your soul.  If that happens, then my  job as a photographer and an artist is complete.

There are three inspirations for my photography:
Abandoned and Forgotten
I love photographing abandoned and forgotten buildings and structures because they were once homes filled with families, schools filled with children, places where relationships and friendships began and sometimes ended.  Just standing in these places is like being in a mystery begging the question, how did these people’s lives turn out, where are they now and do they have good memories of this place?

Nature photography has always fascinated me.  The intricate details of nature and random objects that can only be captured by macro or close up work is a world in and of itself.  Capturing those details allows me to share the beauty that you might otherwise never see.  

Portraiture is such an intimate type of photography.  I enjoy capturing the essence of who you are in a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere.  Being in front of a camera can be an intimidating feeling, so I believe it is important to spend some time having fun and talking so your personality and beauty can be successfully captured.  

All Occasion Cards
I  have created a line of cards that showcase my macro work along with my love of quotes.

Terie sits on the Board of Directors for the Arts & Science Council, Charlotte, NC.   She also is a co-leader for the Charlotte Photography Meetup Group with over 1,600 members. In 2008, she was one of the founding partners of the Civic & Cultural Art Center of Pineville.

Terie won 2nd place in 2010 for her digital art piece "Alex with Pink Feathers" which can be seen at http://www.teriechristmas.com/Terie_Christmas/LEGACY_PORTRAITS.html#0 for the Corel Quest for the Best Creativity Challenge. This world wide contest for digital artists had thousands of entries from around the world.

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