Tenebra Luce

"Every production of an artist should be the expression of an adventure of his soul.” (S. Maugham)...I love, I seek, I dream a true adventure. To capture the world around me, is just the beginning. Grazie Enrico B per avermi portata qui.

Photography is one of my many passions, 'cause I am a passionate woman. The world can be magnificent, stunning, it can fill me with deep emotion. I am not familiar with photographic tecniques, when I see something that completes my eyes and reaches my soul, I simply shoot with my Canon. I love to do portraits and love details, especially those of every-day life. I will sooner or later begin a study with macro, wich is something new for me, but very attractive. I humbly add my pictures, feeling very small in this 500px-world of giants. But nevertheless I love sharing. Thanks to a dear friend of mine I got through the rabbit hole into this wonderful new world of photography. Any comment/suggestion to improve/sharing is welcome and appreciated. Thank you for visiting me. Grazie
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