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Teodora Taneva

Teodora Taneva



It is fascinating how art has been and continue to be one of the most important things in my life.It is always reveals to me a new understanding of the world - fantasy or reality.Imagery of our inner world at every point are so realistic and veracious,so emotional, that I hardy could resist not trying to represent it...And that is the main stream at my artworks - inner experience,soul,feelings,life of a our spirit. Humans can be very different outside,but inside we all experience same emotions,fears,dreams,desires,hopes....The beauty and ugliness of this world is not outside,but always inside that is what I explore,that is what I try to catch and represent. I use various techniques,but mostly photography combined with digital processing. I usually use selfportraits,in some cases I can work with models. In all situations the main purpose is to recreate the image I see in my mind as close as possible,bringing the emotion as intensive as possible.Of course it is not one image aim,but maybe a lifetime searching in an artist..So I maintain the intensity of my work by working everyday,formulating new ideas and shape them in new artworks. And I have a lot artists who I admire,and who inspire me throughout the years,but a few really play huge impact on my visions: Zdzislav Beksinski and Rembrant for their deep understanding of a human soul. And I have two other figures that play essential impact on my art,that is Carl Jung and Zigmund Freud.
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