Published February 15th, 2012

"I would love to travel the world one day, travel without limitations, visit countries, live the various cultures, observe what surrounds me and become fascinated with what a human eye can observe.

I would love to lose myself in untouched nature, sit on a mountain top and take in the view, in short I want to live, I want to be hungry, I want to be crazy and do it all with my camera in toe, with my music and my travel diary."

This is what I replied to a friend when asked how I saw my future.

Unfortunately I realize that most of these things will be impossible to achieve, given the family ties and duties, but I would still like to make at least a part of this dream come true.

My name is Matteo and I was born in 1986 in Ravenna where I still live.

Since when I was little, thanks to my family and scouts, I have had the possibility to travel, see new places and fall in love with nature learning to live it and respect it.

This love came to be when I was only 4 years old and to date it ...

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