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Terry Letton

Terry Letton



Just like to take pictures A word about how I comment on your images, 500px tells me that some people are confused and think I use an automated system to comment. That is not true, I look at your images and make a star rating, it is strictly subjective, just my opinion at that moment. Then if I feel I have anything else meaningful to add I will, otherwise I'll keep quiet, no platitudes. Exceptions are if you post many images together, I often will only comment on the first one I come to unless another one really stands out. I also rate you against your other work I have seen, if it is better than what I have seen you do before, more stars, the opposite is also true.
  • Canon5DII, Leica IIIF
  • Yashica YF, Miranda Sensorex, Kowa 6
  • Plustec scanner

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