Published November 29th, 2012

At my weekly service at the THW (Technisches Hilfswerk => Federal Agency for Technical Relief, a German civil protection organization) I toke part of a seek & rescue practice in an old inn. It was already dark and we used pocket lamps to find our way through the old building. A narrow staircase led to the attic. While crawling up I saw horror film like cobwebs at the wooden roof truss, quite near to my face. First I though "Yuck!" but then "That's a great location for taking some spooky pictures." and luckily I had a small camera with me. After we managed to organize the rescue of the injured "person" (a dummy) we found on the attic I had a minute to take some snapshots. I've used a pocket lamp to light up the cobwebs and tried to get a high contrast. Later at home I've played with different colors and here you see the result.


Cobweb in red colors.


Cobweb in green colors.


Cobweb in blue colors.

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