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On the difficulty of acquiring good Color Manag...

Published July 28th, 2011


Before I start blabing about all the nonsense I have to say, I want to take a moment to celebrate this first entry in my blog on 500px. I discovered 500px very recently and just love it. Coming from other similar websites, I find the quality and clarity of the website to be much higher and love the fact that people don't post the latest pictures of their cat yawning or pictures of their manhood (although cats are cute, it is quite boring to see 10000 favs on a cat picture because it is... "soooo kwoooot!"... well you get my point... and I have no interest in other guys private parts really).

Anyway... I am getting out of my point here. The gist is... I am happy I found 500px and love the website.

This introduction being done... let's go to the main topic of this first entry: the mighty nightmare of color management.

It all came on a gloomy night when I was working on a picture and decided to post it on a website to see if someone was interested in commenting on my talent ...

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