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Michael Kern

Michael Kern



Since the dawn of time, few creatures have stirred as much emotion as serpents and dragons. Evoking fear and respect, hatred and reverence, they dominate the mythology of virtually every major civilization. The mere presence of one of these creatures can easily turn a rationale person hysterical. Nonetheless these creatures of nature can be spectacularly beautiful, rich in color, line, texture and form - classic elements of artistic style and composition. Unfortunately, in many cases, appreciation of this beauty requires one to get close enough to study the complex scale patterns, color palettes, and textures that nature combined in creating these species. Getting close enough to discover this beauty is difficult and sometimes dangerous. Geographic distribution, animal disposition, and for many people, fear of these animals prevents an appreciation from developing. I create my images to help people find this rarely seen beauty in a safe, non-threatening manner. It almost cliché to say, but I want to help people find the “beauty in the beast”. The strength of the images come from a combination of factors including the inherent beauty of the animals, the emotional trigger they evoke in the human psyche, and the fact they are freshly unique as a fine art subject.
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