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Theres Beswick

Theres Beswick



Many years ago I started experimenting in the studio with an analog Hasselblad camera medium format. I have been fascinated by images that are not manipulated in Photoshop because I think the images have a different feeling to them. I work with long exposures and different sources of light to create an image that is beautiful and unique. In the last year, I have also started to play with an projector to get another dimension to experiment with. I do not change the images in Photoshop. What you see is what I photographed. I am still working the same way as I did with my Hasselblad camera but today I use a digital camera. I have continued with a project for almost nine years now, which I call "Mirror, mirror on the wall..." In this project I have photographed myself and I have taken almost 10.000 photographs. I have only shown a few in exhibitions and the rest are still on my computer. Now I would love to get some feedback on my library of images.
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