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Mundane course on 46th

Published December 13th, 2011

Did you ever stop to walk, tangled up in your chores, schedule and duties? At the standstill, did you ever look around you, taking this break for counting your pulse and your breath? Did you scrutinize, not with a glance, but from right to left with a twisted neck, and did you follow, for five seconds, this earth drifting? Were you thinking of you as a singularity amid an ocean of mundane presences? Then, suddenly, did you see yourself as another one, a ripple on the lake, while this cosmos shifting around was becoming a sum of eccentricities? Did you, on this day, on these days, observe the draught of the existences jostling against you, passing you, as something no more usual as it used to be, but as something unique, prompted by exemplary seconds with nothing casual, at all? Did you, ever, be shocked by this change, to see others as incomparable marvels while you evolved into a copy of yourself? Did you ever feel abruptly disembodied, floating in a world you didn't recognize anymore, this world before so passive and made of waves, each of them a duplicate of the precedent, and by now made of peculiarities able to modify the course, the whole, in an unthinkable complexity? Did you ever stop to walk for observing your neighbor, seeing all of a sudden no more this face like a whitewashed facade, but a set for an opera built for a unique performance? Did you ever try to imagine the decades of decisions and feelings necessary to get this presence, in front of you? Did you fantasize these decades of events, of joys and depressions, of thoughts and doubts, all breathed intensely peerless by this silhouette? Did you give to these unknown experiences as much importance as to your own occurrence? Did you ever see this man, this woman, as a ball of winded events, no more as a pair of cheeks good to be mocked if chubby? Did you ever think, while gazing at a human being, so flat an instant earlier, and now so intense, rich, complex, did you ever think about the tangible tragedy if this flesh and blood prodigy had to die? Did you ever feel the loss of all these lives, killed by indifference, by men in oblivion of themselves, squeezing triggers or thrusting blades to stop, absolutely, the run of such extraordinary existences? Did you ever wish, with an alleviated heart, to be this neighbor for a moment, to imagine the curves of her/his presence, to unwind the ball, not only to fathom his/her obscure thoughts, at once, but to live her/his past as a new present for you, to be at this tenth birthday, 10, 20, 60 years ago in a world you never knew, in a city you never see? Did you ever endure the immense weight of the universe, inextricable, walking around you, and by a breathe you emerged, free, fresh, seeing the colors again, smelling again the shapes of the world as though it was a new flagrance? Did you ever be happy to be one amid millions of other ones, no more a lifeboat on a mundane ocean? Be a gargoyle, and watch time passing by.

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  • March 9th, 2011
  • nikon D3X
  • 300mm / f/5.6 / 1/125 sec

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