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Post-mortem concretion

Published December 20th, 2011

Welcome in a world deformed by my universe. If you have already sauntered in New York, on Lexington avenue, at the crossroad with 57th street, you know this concrete atoll I show you today. In the foreground, you see the plaza's Tempietto of the building called the Midtown book, in a post-modern style. It's weird, not built with the best taste in the world. Usually, you run past this architecture while you are pushed, against your free will, to Bloomingdale's, and worst, to the sales.

I'm a happy photographer, because I have to travel a lot, which means, when I come back to New York, I discover the city again, with newborn eyes, with a new appetite for the Manhattan's legends. After a few months strolling by alleys and avenues, under sun, under rain, I've a tendency to see, not to look at anymore. What I see is what I've already seen. You know, it's the feeling to be anchored at signs you've appreciated so much you're still attracted by them, not with curiosity but out of habit. It's the same phenomenon with a restaurant you like a lot. Every day you come back, for the same burrito swizo, and after a while, you don't taste anymore its true flavor. And you take a few pounds right on some relaxed abs. As a photographer, a change is required not to repeat yourself. I say usually that a tourist better knows Paris than a Parisian. Same thing with any city. When you live and work, well, you work and live. You lose curiosity, and come back at the same burrito. I will return soon to New York, in April, and I can smell already the air, I can breathe the density. Expectations and pleasures. On lexington avenue, I will discover treasures I've brushed before without seeing them. Maybe you cross this Tempietto every day, and like me, find it quite ugly; however, the first time I went there, this architecture struck my mind: this view was at once noteworthy as a reminder of "Alphaville" from Jean-Luc Godard. Thus, this photo. I know that the film is in black & white: I've kept the colors during the processing because they work as black & white. It's all about density, about the dense existence we've created for ourselves and in which souls are fragmented, crunched to be turned into a watery soup. But I like this ambiance since I'm acquainted with it. I'm not a part of the broth, rather a lump proud of its own strength and particularity. The depressive grey granites and the dirt on windows is food for me, and it makes me happy. Freakish? Maybe and hope so. Singularity is everything.

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  • January 21st, 2011
  • nikon D3X
  • 135mm / f/5.6 / 1/320 sec

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