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Peace, cheep and peep

Published December 21st, 2011

This is what I like to encounter after the curve by the path. The ethnogeographic beauty of the human beings. The relation between men and their environment. Some of us will fight nature like in the ancient Egypt, where the architecture, massive and symmetric, was the symbol of the order countering the chaos of the papyrus and Nile. Chaos carries life but it's too unpredictable for Ramses and co. Some of us will melt into the nature, into the rock of the Petra's cliffs by the Nabataeans. Others will remain nature, with no differentiation, and the Coblocos tribe in the Amazon rainforest tries, still, to be just a part of a whole, in the same way as the jaguar and the macaw. Or you can adapt to nature and let the nature accommodates to you, like here, in the southern China, near the village of Ping'an.

It's a nest of humanity. Forget electricity and running water; just think peace. Existence is never easy, especially in the countryside, but here, it's never as cruel as in the urban areas. In the world with remaining stars in the sky, with chicks in the backyard, with fruits falling when ripe, in this world filled with peonies and chrysanthemums, the dramas are daily. I use 'drama' in the Greek way, at variance with 'tragedy', and not with the common English meaning. A drama, for me, is the expression of the fate, of an action happening without you being the cause. You're not responsible. Such is life (from my french education I supposeā€¦). There is here something soothing unlike the tragedy, present in urban walls. The tragedy is the effect for which you are the cause. You're responsible. You have a choice to do, and when this one presents a Cornelian dilemma, when you feel a gnawing pain in your heart, soon in your stomach, there is tragedy in the air. An impossible choice. In the cities, nature is far, but you pay the price. Misfortunes are still here, but you can't rely on the nature to take responsibility.

Better a dramatic existence than a tragic one? With this text, you may think so. But I prefer the urban tragedy. I'm born in a city. It's what I am. I like the intensity of the metropolitan choices, with each creating good things and dragging drawbacks. The responsibility is a bottomless well for the thoughts. A curse and a wealth. I assumed the spiritual curse in order to ensure my mental wealth.

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  • nikon D3X
  • 300mm / f/5.6 / 1/15 sec

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