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New journey with 500px

Published September 8th, 2013

I've just completed my first 30 days with 500px. It has been the most wonderful journey that I've ever embarked on. I felt like that I've traveled to the farthest corner of the earth, and made friend with so many wonderful and talented people around the world. I've witnessed the most magnificent Earth's creations. I've been to the most serene landscape to the most chaotic place on Earth. From the poorest country to the most opulent city in the world with the greatest modern structures. I've seen the tiniest and the most strangest creatures that I didn't know they even existed. I've seen the most exotic plants and flowers to the most beautiful common ones that we all adored. I've also seen the greatest smiles on the children faces, and the saddest expression on a human being. I've seen the most beautiful and sexiest people around the world, and the less fortunate people that make us wondering about the humanity. Thank you all the members of the 500px community. You had widen my horizon ...

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