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The Full Frame Experience

Published April 10th, 2012

I entered the semi-professional aspect of photography a few years ago and began swimming in the sea of options that is modern dSLR photography. I had been using a very nice Canon superzoom camera (SX20IS) and had invested in Canon peripherals like speedlites, so I felt like I wanted to stay with Canon. My first purchase was a Canon Rebel T1i. I came to believe (and still believe to a certain extent) that the quality of the glass is more important than the camera body. I have seen amazing pictures taken with the most humble of dSLR cameras. But I began to learn that there were other factors than image quality. Handling, for one thing. That led me to my second dSLR purchase...the Canon EOS 60D.

I love my 60D. It is so intuitive and easy to control. The flexibility for video is unmatched by any other dSLR that I have used. The articulating screen is surprisingly useful. And I discovered that when it comes to challenging lighting conditions, not all cameras are created equal. ...

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