September 8 2011

Published September 8th, 2011

So today I was a little upset I didn't take pictures in Boston because there has been a storm above us and the clouds were wicked low and the tops of all the city buildings were in the clouds it looked really cool! I think thats why all of my pictures look different to people because I feel like when I look at something through my eyes it's always a unique picture and thats what makes it good. I did go out today thou only for a little walk in the woods to see if I could get some good shots because everything was really calm I think the Panoramic came out the best then I was thinking that I haven't gone to see my grandparents so I went by the cemetery to see them it was a while since I went to see them but it's always good to be in their presence but I'm pretty stoked because NFL starts tonight! So got to cut this short! till Later!




  • September 8th, 2011
  • SONY NEX-3
  • 18mm / f/4.5 / 1/40 sec

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