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Tibor Nemes

Tibor Nemes



I live in Hungary. I am working as a rheumatologist, and love photography. The beauty and magic of our World inspired my images. Photography is vision and imagination. My goal is to transform my visions to artistic form. MUSIC OF THE EYES "Perhaps art is just taking out what you don't like and putting in what you do. There is no such thing as Abstraction. It is extraction, gravitation toward a certain direction... It is nearer to music, not the music of the ears, just the music of the eyes." - ARTHUR DOVE
  • Canon 5D II
  • 100/f2.8 macro, 24-105/f4, 70-200/f4, 50/f1.4
  • iMac 27", Lightroom, Photoshop, some plugins
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