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Tim McCullough

Tim McCullough



Tim McCullough is an Australian Landscape and Wildlife Photographer living in Adelaide, South Australia. Tim has always possessed a love of nature and all its wonders and his passion for capturing images of the natural world started at the age of 15 when he inherited his first SLR film camera from his father. It was then just a natural progression to start shooting captivating landscape images that have seen his work in exhibitions and achieved international awards. Tim also shoots with the amazing Fuji GX617 medium format Panoramic film camera, with its detail, colour reproduction and tonal range that is truly spectacular. Travelling the far reaches of the world in pursuit of his passion, Tim has succeeded in capturing truly unique and breathtaking landscape and wildlife imagery and transformed them into timeless pieces of visual fine art. That moment in time, never to be repeated again, captured and expressed through his vision. From the icy realm of the Antarctic Continent to the lush tropical rain forests of the equator and beyond, Tim provides us with a rare encounter of some of the most remote and delicate wilderness ares on our planet. In 2013 Tim was recently awarded South Australian Emerging Photographer of the Year by the AIPP
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