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10 Questions with Robert Larson

Published December 12th, 2011

What drew you to Street Photography?

It is easy... there are streets everywhere, and things are always happeing. It is just a matter of walking out the door. Plus, I like going out at night, to bars or for walks with friends late at night to talk. Street photography is a good way to spend time with people you care about, and still be talking pictures.

Do you do any creative or other types of photography?

No not really. At this point I focus on documentary style photography, and by style I don’t mean grainy/crooked pictures... I mean I try to take pictures that tell a true story... the story could be specific or general, but it needs to be true.

How did you start getting your name and pictures out there?

By posting pictures online, taking workshops in order to meet the photographers that I admire, and by making it clear to friends and family; that this is what I am going to pursue. Then staying consistant. It is very simple, and yet VERY challenging.

How much time to you spend shooting pictures versus marketing?

Currently... 95% marketing. I need to raise a humbleing amount of money in order to finish my Waiting for Haiti project in 2012.

How do you work ethics into Street Photography? What won't you shoot?

There is nothing I wont shoot. But, there are moments I feel it would be innapropriate. It is a case by case basis. One thing I wont do, is startle people... I wont get into a person’s face really quick and take advantage of them being caught off gaurd. It doesn’t upset me that some other photographers do it, but that tactic doesn’t interest me in the slightest. I also wont use flash, or take pictures outside during the day. Unless it is completely unavoidable.

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