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10 Questions with the Pros Juan Carlos Pascual

Published February 24th, 2012

1. What drew you to Street Photography?

I made a workshop in which the teacher was a street photographer, and there I found the work of Garry Winogrand, Lee Friedlander, Diane Arbus and some other great photographers. That’s where my interest in street photography began.

2. Do you do any creative or other types of photography?

I love photography in all its ways. In this moment I’m very interesting in portraits trying to get the real personality of people.

3. How did you start getting your name and pictures out there?

Basically by showing my pictures online, mainly in flickr. I also have participated in some exhibition about Spanish revolution.

4.How much time to you spend shooting pictures versus marketing?

I’m beginning now to make marketing of my pics, so I have to say that until now I spend the most of the time shooting and processing.

5. How do you work ethics into Street Photography? What won't you shoot?

I think everything can be shooted, but you have to be respectful with people. There are some conflictive situations in which you have to be very careful and sensitive.

6. Do you use Canon, Nikon, Lieca, or what type of camera and computer do you use?

I have always used Canon. Now I have 5D Mark II, that forced me to buy a more powerful computer than it had before.

7. Have you ever been confronted by police or unhappy people? If so what happened?

I’m lucky in that way, I didn´t have any problem until now.

8. Do you use Flickrr, Google +, 500PX or other photo sights?

I use flickr, and I also have a web page and a blog where I write stories inspired in my pictures.

9. Do you watermark or logo your pictures you put up on the web?

I’m thinking about it, but I still didn’t do it.

10. What makes a Good Street Photo different from a Snapshot on the street?

A picture that moves something inside of you at the moment that you see it.

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