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Mark Jones

Mark Jones



Hi all, I have been involved with wildlife, conservation and education for over 17 years now; mostly in South Africa, but also in the UK. I have done guiding, wildlife rehabilitation, lodge management, zookeepering (in the UK), free-flighted bird shows; and am currently (and finally) working on establishing my own wildlife facility with my long-term girlfriend. Although this profile is set up as me, I cannot take all the credit. My girlfriend and I do this together and there are her photos as well as mine on here. I am also colour blind, so her help when I edit is very necessary.

The Couple

Published November 9th, 2012

Driving along in the Kruger National Park one day, we were lucky enough to encounter a rather handsome mating pair of Lions. Although I am not a fan of humanising animals, we could not help but feel that the Lioness was quite coy around the male (she was certainly very pretty). As always, they took no notice of us, even wandering across the road through the vehicles. It was a rainy summer day so unfortunately this meant bad lighting, but these two look so wonderful together that I believe they demand a looking.

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