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This is my life, my dream & beautiful memories. The best way to keep these memories is through a series of photographs with stories. I'm blessed to meet you here today. Share your stories with me today, let's turn yours and your family's beautiful moments into a life time memories. Y o u r V i s u a l S t o r y t e l l e r PS: Y E A R 2 0 1 4 ~ inspire the world :D

What if i have 5?

Published April 5th, 2013

imagination of having 5 kids, whahahaha

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Meeting great people & food @ Haroko Cafe

Published March 31st, 2013

2nd invite by Junming for a simple & nice dinner. Liqing not around this time, but there's taiwan beer :p

Looking forward for more gathering soon :)

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Happy Juicy Sirloin Steak with Authentic Smoke ...

Published March 18th, 2013

This is the 3rd times i prepared Sirloin Steak base on Jamie Oliver recipe. So far so good, tweaking the heat & taste to the max :P

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Swing with me

Published March 1st, 2013

This is another series using fuji x100. Enjoy :D

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Kids & Mcdonalds

Published July 10th, 2012

to bring five kids for breakfast is not an easy task, hehe

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