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Collection: Emily Ma – www.emmema.com

Published June 24th, 2012

I had the chance to photography a collection by Emily Ma couple weeks ago in the early evening. You can find more on her collections here: www.emmema.com. It was around the time before the sunsets so it was nothing but wide open apertures and steady hands. I brought a flash with me just incase it got too dark or I could use it to enhance some of the photos but it wasn’t likely since balancing low ambient light with bright studio flashes isn’t going to work. I ended up using a location as a make shift studio later in the night when the sun was completely gone. All in all, I truly love location shooting cause it pushes you to be as creative as you can because there is so much to choose from around you, and on top of that, it’s free unless you get tackled by a security guard and asked for a permit. The first location was Cherry Beach where the wind was low that day and there was plenty of sand and green to help make for a creative background. This shoot was done with two lenses, and two c ...

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New to 500px

Published July 11th, 2011

Happy to take on another site, but time will continue to be an issue

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