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Tiziana Pielert

Tiziana Pielert



Tiziana Pielert, Pielert is not his name but the name of art inherited from the mother, was born in Bremen in Germany in 1973. My father is one of many Italian immigrants in search of a dream, the hope of a better life but not different (as he says), the mother of many a German love of the good life and fascinating Italian style, although in that ' man the Italian style was in its infancy, to be honest. The merger of these two different perspectives on life comes Tiziana. Dad has always shown great interest in everything that is manual and this passion led him to build a whole 'objects that furnishes, if I may say so, the house. The mother however is the soul of the most popular night club at that time in Bremen, Tiziana inherits from her creativity, passion for the representation of female figures, makeup and set design. So parents could not, the Tiziana not immediately feel the need to create, perform, build, first through drawing, then painting and finally, but rather late in the photograph. In the meantime he attended the Gymnasium, but the study is not his forte. His dad tells of boats, nets, men carved from salt, women sitting on the dock, awaiting the return of their men, who pass the time talking about what happens in the city's most prominent families. Women through the chatter, what would become the gossip, forge personal relationships, creating a deep class solidarity.His childhood was dominated by stories of miracles, peaches portentous, solemn processions of gruff, bearded men, heroic deeds of jumpers Polignano, invoices, witches, wizards meetings in the form of cats, old ladies can read the future in the fund a pan used for washing the dirty dishes from the traces of tomato sauce and the residue of bucatini. Everything seems to him the description of a fabulous place, a pleasant, mysterious, full of archaic rituals. Maybe it's time to grow and begin to work with: committed, baby sitter, textile worker, who does not like trades, in which no identification. Why not attend a make-up? All in all, perhaps even that is art, think Tiziana. Begins to make up but its customers is to provide a service more: Immortal after being rigged, so he began to photograph the faces and understand that this form of art you like. Meanwhile the bride but not the right man, divorced, wants a child but not by any parent, I would by her man, a man who believes only exists in thought, by a solitary heroes to show their Love dived from cliffs of Polignano. Goes through a bad period in which we lose sight, full of storm clouds overlooking blacks to his mind, is evil. It attaches more and more to his Invisible Man, can not react. Once again, the stories of his father go to help. Yes, the solution is the sea that has nourished the myth in the stories of his father, his goal is the Adriatic. Buy a camera and part of the city that feeds on that sea. Search for itself through the pursuit of family, aunts, uncles, cousins. Decides to move to that country where women are sitting on the dock of the gossip of their power class, between those colors, those flavors and smells that she has always felt as a child. What can a graduate course at the Gymnasium in Italy if not the Maak-up? and this does! together with a specialized course of beautician and make-up photography. He eventually found always imagined those faces, those pastel colors that have colored his childhood, those noses, those profiles, those expressions so far from his everyday experience and yet so familiar to him immediately. In this environment, family finally, finally creative, try to improve more and more about his new business, his true passion: photography and portraiture in particular. Because each portrait contains a complex universe of emotions, ethereal beauty, fantastic stories and interpretations: what else could enclose all the adjectives just mentioned, if not the female body? It intends to investigate the topic Tiziana with his photographic work is womanhood, the sanctity of women beyond its physicality. Tiziana points behind the lens and wait, wait to see through the lens of the eyeglass finally herself.

Tiziana Pielert has not written any stories.