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Tobias Bräuning

Tobias Bräuning



I started waterdrop photography about 4 years ago. First, all was manually done. To increase the recall factor, I built a device which can trigger valves, flashes and camera. In the end of 2010, I was a little bit bored by the standard waterdrop-pictures, I thought it would bring nice effects if I would use different colored waterdrops. So I decided to extend my setup up to 3 valves. It was not really easy to get the 3 drops from the different valves to the same path, but finally it worked. This technique more or less became a standard, many photographers know it in between.
  • Canon 40D
  • Canon 6D
  • EF 100/2,8 Macro
  • Microcontroller, Valves, some other stuff
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