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Space Center Houston

Published December 3rd, 2012

Just like many other young kids I also wanted to be an astronaut at some point. It didn't last long, but the curiosity remained. I've always been amazed by the technical aspects of space travel. Sheer amount of knowledge and engineering required to put people in Space and recover them safely is just mind blowing... No surprise then that faced with unexpected extra day in Texas City I've decided to finally go and visit the NASA Johnson Space Center.

Was it worthy you may ask? Well it's not a theme park of the same kind like the Universal Studios in Hollywood, so some may be disappointed, but you have to remember that this is not about some fictional stories and characters that were created to entertain. This is the real deal. This is the stuff that has put the man on the Moon and made the International Space Station project possible. Given the speed at which technology advances today, most of the gear displayed looks very obsolete. But you have to remember that there is no place for un ...

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