First post here

Published November 26th, 2012


Hi everyone! I'm Tommaso Pellegrini, 26 years old, Information Technology student at the University Ca' Foscari of Venice (Italy).

I'm not a professional photographer of my own. I just like photography as an amateur who reads books and then applies itself on practice and I like how photography fits well and can support my IT skills as well as the thousand hobbies I carry on in my spare time. Yes I said thousands! Among them I'm a self-taught singer and blues harp/harmonica player. I sing in a band called April's Fools (Check these: -

I love equip my Canon 550d when I travel and when simply walk in the surroundings of my home alone taking shots here and there.

This is my first post here on 500px but I guess I'll spend my time here for a while. ;) Seems a good community with definitely a good website!

I'm actually a bit busy with my Bachelor's degree thesis so my updates are not so frequent in this p ...

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