Tomoya Matsuura

Tomoya Matsuura
Artist photo, sound

Starting when he began playing the guitar and writing songs at the age of 15, his musical activities include creating music for commercials and movies, and performances at major music festivals such as Fuji Rock Festival, Metamorphose, and Nagisa Music Festival.
In 2013, he started a sound art project as tmymtur, and released "湧声 - Yusei," an acoustic work created by recording over 5000 voices that include ultrasonic waves that are indiscernible to the human ear. This led to the construction of an acoustic facility in Asahi Art Square, which made it possible to transmit high-frequency waves. He later held a live performance that created an acoustic space using only voices, which embodied the connection between people and nature.
In that same year, he released a collection of works called "呼応 - Kooh," which was reconstructed by a number of sound artists such as Taylor Deupree, Christopher Willits, and Stephan Mathieu. The fusion with electronic noise gave voice a new organic element.
In 2014, he performed "特異点 - Singularity," a sound installation that allowed visitors to experience a performance in a massive space meant to seat 10,000 people entirely alone. The enormous space was filled solely with voices, and expressed a stunning perspective of the world that brought listeners back to the origins of space and time.
Also in the same year, he created photos and 3D art that portrayed the exquisite and magnificent beauty of the microscopic world, using a Scanning Electron Microscope. These vibrant images are engraved deeply with the beauty and nobility of life, and have gone beyond the boundaries of art through their coverage by numerous and varied media outlets around the world such as National Geographic and the official journal for The Architectural Society of China.

Searching the depths of the heart for truths in life and nature by having art resonate with nature.

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