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Tomoya Matsuura

Tomoya Matsuura



Tomoya Matsuura SEM Photographer, Sound Artist, Musician Having started learning guitar by himself when he was just 15, he has performed at large music festivals such as Fuji Rock Festival and completed music tours abroad, releasing many different musical pieces. In addition, he also wrote and produced music for commercials, movies, and other artists. In 2013, he began creating pieces for the 'Pursuit Of Truth' inspired by themes such as nature, the beauty of outer space, and mystery. One of his creations was the sound art project 'Yusei' , where he layered his own voice 5000 times using ultrasonic waves inaudible to the human ear. Additionally, he also built a space with acoustics capable of picking up high frequency sounds and performed there himself using only his own voice. In 2014, he created a sound installation that allowed visitors to experience, alone, the vastness of a space that could seat 10,000 people. That same year, he used the Scanning Electron Microscope to create 3D art and photos of the microscopic world. These works were picked up by many media outlets, including those outside of the art world such as the National Geographic. 15歳から独学でギターと作曲を始め、フジロック等の大型フェスに出演や海外ツアーを行い音源リリースを重ねる。自身の活動と平行してCMや映画、アーティスト向けの楽曲制作、プロデュースなども手がける。2013年より自然や宇宙の美や神秘をテーマとした作品群 'Pursuit Of Truth'の制作活動を開始。自身の声を使ったサウンドアートプロジェクト'Yusei'では人の可聴域を超える超音波成分を含む声を5000層重ねた作品を制作。それにともない、高周波を発信可能な音響設備を構築し声のみよるライブパフォーマンスを行う。2014年には、1万人を収容出来る巨大空間で1人で体感するサウンドインスタレーションを制作。 また同年、走査電子顕微鏡を用いミクロ世界の美を描いた写真、3Dアート作品を制作し、ナショナルジオグラフィックなどアートの枠を越え多様なメディアで広く取り上げられている。

Tomoya Matsuura has not written any stories.