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Toni Yammine

Toni Yammine never ever had any interest in photography before the age of six. But then one silent and creepy night, aliens from the planet Omicron Persei 8 abducted him straight out the window of his native room of Beitchabeb.

Several days later, when he was dropped back down to earth again without warning, he knew deep inside his head’s eye that this incident had utterly transformed his perception of light, forever.

Since then, he’s lived behind his lenses taking thousands of pictures a day and spending hours and hours selecting and dissecting the few lucky shots he’s got. And because the abduction left him with special and unique powers, he has dealt with and found unequivocal answers to many deep themes in his photography such as life, death, love, individuality, sex and of course, the great question of God.

Now, after years of hesitation, preoccupied by a noble sense of humility, he recently revealed in an international magazine that he has been the official photographer of many renowned celebrities. For instance, the article explains, Toni has proudly acquired the exclusive right to take real pictures of many prominent and distinguished superheroes such as Batman, Superman, Jongar, and Brosli.

For the crying fans out there, and those in love with his timely work, his next big gig will be about saving the universe from Global Warning. So stay tuned.

By the way, his dream is to, hopefully one day, if the gods grant him his wish, meet and photograph Hani Shaker.

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