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Tony Moll

Tony Moll



The best thing about taking a photo is having the ability to capture a moment and making it last forever. My passion comes from my father who taught photography in High School and Junior College for 30 years or so. I guess its only right for my brothers and I to fall in love with it as well. Even though my focus is commercial, I love heading into the back country and trying to find beauty in landscapes which have possibly never been discovered by a camera. Nature can be very surreal if the photo can be taken at the right moment. I think that I'm really drawn to the idea or challenge of trying to tell a story without putting pen to paper. Having the ability to draw someone to a photo and let their imagination take them is absolutely amazing. Not saying I have that ability yet but I hope someday my photos can make that dream world possible. As anyone else on here, I strive to only take photos in special moments. As well, I avoid using a computer to enhance my work as much as possible. Mostly to crop, make minute adjustments to exposure and contrast, as well as some minimal burning and dodging. So please browse my photos and enjoy and maybe someday we will bump elbows trying to capture the same shot. Cheers!
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