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My Chi Phat Trip with Pok

Published March 28th, 2012

As part of his final project, Sylyvann BOREI decided to choose to make a promotional video about Chi Phat, an eco-tourism site mostly explored by adventure foreigners, to attract young local youth to visit there.

These are photos from 6 Day Trip in the Community, covering the community Chhay Kpos Rapid, O'Tek Prak, O'Mlou, Jar Site and Trails along the way to each locations.

It was full of adventures, fun, excitement, and pain but full of smiles.




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Tipsy Night

Published November 25th, 2011

One Night (June 12, 2011) after having lots of beers, I subconsciously took out my camera and set it up on a tripod at the back seat of my car and leave the shutter open for 30seconds while I was driving. The light trail produced from the street lamps was quite interesting.

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