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Me - the freak behind the cam loves everything that is out of norm: *flashy colours * kitsch * creative nonsense * horror * provocation * sexyness * humor * emotions* rock'n'roll * tattoos ... Welcome to my bubblegum colour photo factory !!! Me - the girl behind the cam has a very sensitive side and loves to take soft pictures of nature (flowers, trees etc.). Sometimes people are surprised from the differences in style from one picture to another, but I don't like to set myself any limits... this is the way I am - sometimes trash - sometimes soft. Both sides belong to me... I'm based in Luxemburg, living there with my Rock'n'Roll husband and our Rock'n'Roll dog. (Write in english, french, german or luxemburgish)

Summer feeling...

Published May 13th, 2012

Since my wedding, I'm up on cloud seven. Somehow it made me take pictures of flowers instead of people ;)

Yesterday, I had the shortest shooting ever, with a sweet model, no big make-up, no big organisation.

I have to say that it was a very nice start after my long break. I wanted to test my lensbaby gear that I had not

used for a long while...

The pictures are completely different from what I usualy do, but they reflect perfectly the state of mind I'm in...

happy, in love and looking forward to the summer ;)

Credits: Model - Marlène; MU - Chrys; TrashDoll2012

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