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David Kozlowski is a freelance photographer and Iphoneographer based in Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas with focus on fresh photography for the Design and Hospitality Industry.

Interesting Facts About Dave:

* Dave is self-taught
* Is colorblind
* Coffee Addict
* Technophobe
* Likes stripes
* Appreciates sarcasm
* Named his camera “Cameran”
* Embarrasses easily
* Has seen Sasquatch. I know what I saw!
* Hates talking on the telephone, and long emails
* Doesn’t like to hand-write anything
* Is a great typist
* Is over being politically-correct
* Finds beauty in other peoples’ trash
* Likes the smell of freshly-cut grass
* Has given CPR to a dead man
* Experienced an earthquake in Chile
* Parasailed in Acapulco
* Eaten raclette in Zermatt, and bad food in London
* Has been mezmerized by Irish music in Galway
* Lived on Copacabana
* Has driven the Road to Hana
* Walked the streets of Hong Kong
* Hates to be late
* Has had an ‘Orbital Blowout‘ (…long story)
* Loves Brussels sprouts and hanging out with folks half his age
* Believes spammers deserve the death penalty
* Loves rainy days
* Neat freak
* Cat Person
* Has moved a herd of longhorns with a Texas sheriff and rodeo star

…and this is just the tip of Dave’s iceberg!

Recent Clients

* AT&T
* Time, Inc.
* UNT Health
* Boy Scouts of America
* Victoria’s Secret
* Applebees Restaurants
* Texas Land & Cattle Steak House
* Chili’s Restaurants
* Dallas Convention & Visitors Bureau
* Baylor Health System
* Marriott Hotels International
* U.S. Figure Skating
* Dr. Pepper Star Bar at Dallas Cowboys Stadium
* Getty Images
* Nike
* McDonalds Restaurants
* The Jonas Brothers
* Texas Tech University
* U.S. Postal Service


  • Nikon D300
  • Iphone 4S
  • Instagram
  • Hipstamatic

Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas, United States

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