Josh Bender

I love photography. There’s something powerful, almost magical about the ability to freeze a moment in time - to capture the emotion, the memories and the perspective. It provides the ability to reflect, to learn, to inspire, to feel, to communicate, to share and to connect like no other method. It is a conversation without words. A universal language that can be understood by young and old, literate and illiterate.

This planet we call home never ceases to amaze me. The natural beauty, the landscapes, the people, the cultures and the history pull me like a magnet. I feel inspired and invigorated soaking it up. The more I travel and experience this wonderful world, the more connected I feel. The stronger and more visible is the thread of humanity that binds us together, regardless of ethnicity, culture, gender, religion, dimension, hue, language, worldview and experience.

With each photo taken a sliver of this world is captured. It makes one more whole, more complete, and gives a richer, deeper understanding of self. But a photo takes nothing, it only increases. Adding more love and understanding in a world which needs it more than ever.

And for me, sharing the photos I capture is a confirmation and reflection of the journey so far. A journey, internal and external, that is far from over.

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