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Outdoor enthusiast based in lovely Bern, Switzerland.

Cold Piz Mez

Published February 28th, 2014

Piz Mez is located just next to Savognin's ski resort. Just after the resort's border, the mountain begins. It's very easy to climb and a hell of fun to descent, so when we planned our trip we were worried that we would need to share the summit with too many others. But luckily we were wrong.

The night before our tour it snowed but in the early hours of Saturday the sky cleared up a bit. According to the weather forecast the weather was supposed to be clear skies by lunch. We didn't want to miss the sun so we started mid-morning and made our way up. But something seemed wrong: Ahead of us was a group of two but apparently we were just two groups making our way for the top on that day. It was just unbelievable. So we were looking forward to share the 30cm of fresh pow only with the group ahead of us.

In the beginning of the ascent the weather got better and better, but on the wind exposed north-eastern flank, just 200m below the summit, the wind got stronger and the sun hid behind the ...

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