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Published August 6th, 2011

Inspiration comes and goes. I love when I come across something that makes the wheels in my head turn and want to get out there and create, but create something that will too inspire someone to do just that. We all get caught up in the day to day grind, EVEN if it's a creative career we have. I am blessed with such a career, but even in so I feel at times I get blinders slapped on my head and only see what is in front of me. The work. We all need those little down times to look out into the world and see what else is being done, created, the new spin on things, other opinions on art. I have taken this past year + and honed in on two areas of interest. I spent most my life with this sort of ADD aproach and trying to master EVERYTHING. I feel what I have done is made me concentrate on what I need to be best in these areas. In doing so this is where the inspiration comes in, I saw this video tonight shared on Facebook and it made me miss making videos. Made me see another spin on somethin ...

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Hello 500px People

Published June 22nd, 2011

Making that first post...the dreaded, what do I say post. I am a photographer/film maker based in Annapolis, Maryland. I am concentrating on my commercial and music photography at the moment. I have written, produced and directed two movies and a few music videos but I am spending this time to pick back up the still photography, practice and learn my lighting skills then incorporate that back into the film world. I have had a love for photography for years, this was my passion before being introduced to the world of motion pictures. I hope you like what you see posted, if so please give feedback. Hell, give feedback if you have things you see need improvements. I have many other spots out here in the world wide web too. I'll be making some noise, I promise!

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